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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thought Fulfilling Prophesy

Ever heard the saying, "Fake until you make it."?
There is something to that, it is becoming evident that what you think about things, situations, and other people has a huge impact on what happens or does not happen.  I don't intend to delve into the meta-physical science of this phenomenon any more than to say there is strong evidence to support it in many different experiments and fields of science.
My personal experiences with this are really lame, border line superstitious, if not downright silly, but we each should do what makes us feel good and helps us have a better quality of life.  Let me preface this with there are many people who are stuck in negativity every day.  All they can focus on is the negative things they feel, see, experience, and think, and according to this theory this will only perpetuate negative things and feelings which only keeps them mired in negativity.  If you come into contact with a person who can only generate negativity, run away as fast as you can.  If you can't escape being in contact with these people then put up your (Their Problem Shields) and maintain your good feelings at all cost.
(Their Problem Shield)?
It's their problem that they are mired in being negative, that all they can see is bad, that all they can do is preach doom and gloom and try to mire some company in their mess so they won't be alone.  It is their problem they are upset.  Because they yell and scream, they moan and complain and try to throw it all your way so in some magical way they make themselves feel better.  It is not your fault they are angry, upset, depressed, and stuck in a whirl pool of negativity!  Don't accept it as yours!  Tell yourself it is their problem, not yours!  Walk away.
Now for feeling Good!
Everybody wants to feel good, and happy, enthusiastic, loved, excited and just so bubbly we make others sick at just how damn happy we are.  You control your emotions!  They are yours all the time, everyday, for the rest of your life.  If you're unhappy it is your fault!  Feel un-loved!  Your fault!  Change the way you feel!  It is all up to you and only you.  The sooner you discover this the better you will feel all the time!
New Shoe Days
A long time ago, but not so long ago, most people didn't own but one nice pair of shoes.  You ran around barefoot most of the time to save your good shoes for church or school.  Even then the good shoes might have been hand me downs or second hand shoes.  Maybe your best shoes were new but they were cheap, but they were yours and they were new!
To me getting a new pair of shoes is a big deal.  Nothing in the world beats the day or the feeling you get that first day wearing new shoes!  It always makes my feet happy, and makes me feel like the richest man on earth.  I like my children having good socks and shoes.
"Find a Penny pick it up.  All day long you'll have good luck."
Whether it is true or not, if you think you are having a lucky day, then you feel like you are having a lucky day!  Maybe you didn't win the lotto, or win anything new!  But to have that feeling like you are just the luckiest person walking around is priceless!  The peace and joy you feel in your heart is amazing.  If you can get that feeling by finding and picking up a penny then why not!  If I find a penny I say that saying quietly to myself and say a silent prayer of thanks to God almighty for granting me a lucky day, for making me just one penny wealthier, and thank God for all the blessings he brings my way.  Try it!  It is amazing how it works.
Be Thankful, for the little things, the things you have received and the multiple things you have not received!  Thankful for things not received?  Yeah, watch the news at about any time and within minutes you see stories of people you are glad that whatever happened didn't just happen to you!  I find when I am being thankful, truly and deeply thankful, sincerely, I can't be depressed!
Lastly, Fake it until you make it!  Be happy, be energetic, excited, act like you are having the time of your life.  There is no place on Earth you would rather be or anything you would rather be doing than what you are doing at this minute!  Very soon you will find you are glad for what you are doing and you are having fun!  Nobody can truly love you if you do not love yourself.  So start taking care of yourself and be happy, change your attitude and the rest of the world will follow suit and change to follow you and how you feel.
Tell yourself I am going to do this or that, and go do it.  You create your own reality!  Don't like where you are at, change your mind set and change your world.  It may not happen in an instant, or a day.  That's where you are faking it until you make it.  At first the trick is to not stop faking it, until the change happens.  Fake it with all you have!  Not for a minute, not for an hour, but all the time.  You project happiness, success, excitement, joy and love, and the universe, God, or whatever you want to call it, opens up a flood gate and gives you what you are putting out there right back but tenfold!  So think about what am I sending out into the Universe?  Happy or sad.  Hopeful or dismal.  Excited or bored.  Loved or unlovable.
When you practice this philosophy there comes a point where you never have to fake it anymore.  You still have days that or ho hum but you focus on being thankful and lift your spirits up, and then start flowing out happiness and greatness again and it starts coming right back to you again.

I hope that everybody who reads this is having the best day they have ever had, is getting swamped with unexpected blessings, good news, better opportunities, and that whatever you need most in the world at this time comes unexpectedly right up to you today!  It might be that what you needed most was to read this post!  Have a Fantastic Day!  Everyday!

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