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Monday, October 31, 2011

Taking one for the Team!

My wife wasn't going to get any candy to hand out because we were not going to be home, and the Chiefs were playing so we would be watching that when we got home.

My youngest son, Garth,  whose 1 1/2 went to the store with me Sunday night to get milk and I picked up a bag of Halloween candy.  Going through the check line I asked Garth.
"Who is buying the candy?",  He answered "ME!" 
"Whose is going to get in trouble for buying candy?",  He replied "ME!"

When we got home I put the bags on the table, when my wife found the candy she asked, "What is this?"
I asked Garth, "Who bought the candy?"
He answered "ME!"
"Whose going to get in trouble for buying candy?"
I love that kid, taking one for the team and it didn't even cost me a piece of candy.  That's my boy!!
My Wife shook her head and walked out of the room.


Bryan said...

Funny!. It reminds me when my little girl whispers in my ear (her whisper is loud enough for very one to hear) "Are you going to give me chocolate tonight"? That is when I get the lecture from the boss.

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