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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Changing Mind Sets

I have been reading this book "The Power Of Impossible Thinking" and it is fantastic!
It deals with changing and considering different mind sets that you use to govern your life, about your business, and models we get attached to, whether for good or bad.
I have mentioned in previous posts about the only thing you can truly count on is things will change.  Some things change slowly over time, other things change very quickly.  How we handle these changes is largely controlled by our perception of reality with which we base our decisions off of.  If our minds sets or mental models of things are out of sync with most of the other realities of the world or the realities of where we are at, then we will inherently make poor or even bad choices based off of our beliefs.
Do you notice the little changes as they are happening?
How accurate are your beliefs about what is going on?
How accurate are your beliefs about the choices you make every day and week of your life?
Do you consider other viewpoints?
Do you entertain new ideas and changing your habits, purchases, paths, strategies, the way you think about things or make decisions?
As a manager I know firsthand how frustrating it is to be brought suggestions about changes and to suggest possible changes and be ignored.  When you see things changing and try to be proactive to prepare for shifts in business only to be ignored and shut down.  Or worse yet to be considered a problem for causing waves, or others thinking you're just trying to undermine someone else in the organization, when in reality you just want to effect positive changes for the future.
I love how the book shares examples of some really progressive companies that aggressively looked at things from new prospective and really changed the way things were designed, sold, marketed, and really brought about innovations within their industries.  I gives me hope for the future of mankind that progressive thinking may lead to changing the minds sets of the world and the models the world uses as we go forward and maybe can change the world for the better.  Maybe we can avoid repeating the mistakes of our past and walk into the future as human beings working for the betterment of all mankind.
One startling example of changing mindsets presented in the book was that up until 911 the prevailing thought about how to deal with a hi-jacked airplane was to do what the hi-jackers said.  When the passengers in the plane were getting information on their cell phones that planes were being flown into targets and that their plane was going to be next, they had to change their mind sets about how to behave in that situation.  Faced with their own demise either way and realizing if they could bring the plane down immediately it would save others lives forced the passengers into action.  Granted that is an extreme case but it beautifully illustrates the authors point about mind sets and how it controls our reactions and decisions in different situations.
Oh how I love books that make me think and challenge my opinions, beliefs, and the models which I live by.  I truly love intelligent books!

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