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Friday, July 19, 2013


As a writer and someone who has experienced the thrill and wrath of written work being edited, the entire Securities Industry needs to be edited desperately!

There is over ten terms which have more than one or two ways of referring to the exact same thing.  There is more definitions for the word BASIS within the same industry, @^#%$&$*.

Any Editor worth their salt could have condensed that manual down by a quarter and determined for the industry what terms and phrases will be used and are acceptable and really clear up a lot of confusion and misunderstandings.

Who ever came up with the bright idea of two three hour tests back to back with only an hour break in between should be tied to a tree and shot to death!  A lady was there testing for her CPA - four tests spread over months that can be taken in any order.  I am not down rating their test in the slightest but the schedule seems far less grueling than the Series 7 Exam.

I passed!  You need a 72% to pass.  Most do not pass it the first time.  Average passing score is 73%.  I squeezed a 75% to pass, nearly wet myself before finishing the last 10 questions and although happy and elated I feel at the present moment Scooby Doo has me beat by about 50 IQ points.

Thank you everybody who said a prayer.  Tomorrow I start studying for the State Registration Series 66, wish me luck.

It is amazing what we will do so some day we may return to writing.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Directions - Training - Series 7 Exam

As I have hinted about previously - my life is taking a new direction.  Part of that is contingent on my passing the registration exam.  In this case it is the Series 7 Registration Exam.

For the past three weeks I have been doing nothing but reading, studying, taking notes, taking tests and getting ready for this two part - six hour test.

Tomorrow I go sit for the Exam.  I have never worked so hard for anything in the entire previous 46 years of my life!  I want this opportunity and chance at a new career and great opportunity.

Please if any of you are of the Christian persuasion - even if you are not.  Say a prayer for me tonight.
Going to go to bed early with this thought on my mind.  I have done the studying, and the work.  Either I know it or I don't.  Tomorrow the test will reveal the truth and my destiny as far this is concerned.

I can't wait to get to life as normal again, tweeting, blogging, writing my novels.
Wish me luck, Say a Prayer, and Goodnight my friends and follows.

Sincerely Future Famous Science Fiction Author
FA for a Awesome Company
and truly brain fried!  Thomas Wilson!

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