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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Ideas

I love when I can find new ideas, new technologies, and new information to clog my head with so my subconscious can chew on it.  God only knows, and those whose read my books, where I will regurgitate it in some new fashion.  If you don't feed your mind new stuff from time to time it has no product or fuel to piece together those insightful break through AHH HAA moments that we usually get in the shower with no way of writing them down so we don't forget them.  I am always astounded when I get those, because it is if this new idea just forms into existence from seemingly nowhere.  The truth of the matter is that our wonderful brains are processing stuff on many levels for days, weeks, and sometimes months or years before it relinquishes the results.
I am still reading the book "The Power of Impossible Thinking: Transform the business of your life and the life of your business."  By Jerry Wind and Robert Gunther.  I am only halfway done with it and already it has me questioning how I look at things.  Are my mental models accurate depictions of what is really going on in the world?  Are dynamics of what I am doing changing?  How can I experiment with new ideas, new models, to be more effective, enhance my skills, be a better manager, a better writer, a better parent, or husband?
This book is expertly put together in a highly impacting manner.  Every chapter takes you into real world experiences and challenges your accepted ways of doing things, looking at things, shows and introduces new models being experimented with and used by companies, and even the military.  I have this book as an E-book but will have to buy a hard copy so I can keep it on my desk and put sticky note tabs throughout, highlight sections and look up parts to do further insightful research on the subjects and how they relate to me in business, and as a writer starting a new career.  I find myself stopping while reading it asking questions.  I have to grab paper to write the questions down so I can remember them later.
There is a whole chapter on how to deal with the literal flood of information we are immersed in on a daily basis.  You all know what I mean, between the things we have to read, want to read, e-mails, texts, web-sites, blog posts of those we follow, advertising, not to mention radio or television or YouTube stuff.  With all that we know we are missing good stuff, because it just passes us in the daily stream, and daily the stuff we do want to follow grows.  It is staggering!  Well they have a means of dealing with it, strategies, concepts, and how to garner what you want and forget the rest, and cruise on faster.  After reading that chapter and practicing their insights on the subject I am ready to actively search for more stuff to stream through.  Amazing I know!
So point being this.  If you're not feeding your mind, have a heart and feed your brain it is hungry even though you think it is overtaxed at the moment.  With an influx of good information that is entirely new to you, your brain can astound you again and again with new thoughts, ideas, insights, and connections.  If you're in a rut, read something entirely new, surf something different, and expand your horizons!  Spread your wings and let your mind soar!
Writers, break is over, shouldn't you be writing?  Everybody else, buy a book and save a starving author while you feed your brain something new.
Have A Great Day and God Bless.  Amazon DE  ZERO  Amazon FR  ZERO.


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