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Thursday, November 3, 2011

For Writers

Every writer is different as each is an individual which brings their unique life experiences and knowledge to bear on the piece they are crafting.  That is the primary reason we have such a plethora of different things to read to engage our minds and expand our imaginations.  As I started off with we (writers) are all different, write on different schedules and have different means of getting our masterpieces from our mind into some form of intelligent transmittable form to pass on to our reading audience.
One thing I have noticed is that Great Writers are avid if not voracious readers!  As readers we all know that feeling you get when you're hooked.  A piece grabs you vigorously and won't let go.  The feeling you have of "Oh My God, this is going to be Great!"  You hate to have to stop reading, you can't wait to get back to the book, and you slow down towards the end because you don't want it to be over.  That feeling of excitement is the same feeling you should have when writing and crafting your piece.
When you get that same feeling while you are writing it, again weeks or months later when you're re-writing it, and again as you edit the book, then you know you are on the right track.  I have been convinced that when you get that feeling writing the piece that your readers will pick up on that excitement when reading your work.  The more tension, passion and feeling you can squeeze into your work as you craft it, hone it, and get it ready for your readers, the better it will be.  If you read through your work and do not get those feelings, don't fret, it just means you need to re-write it and tweak it some more.
Obviously, not every bit of your writing will invoke these feelings for people because some of what we must write has to describe the many aspects of the work, from characters and setting.  The plot has to be developed and that takes time.  It should all work together to build too many other moments and parts that do cause these feelings and emotions to rise to the surface.
If you read my much earlier post, "Why I Hate Nicholas Sparks", you will know what I mean.  He is a master at creating everyday characters you love and root for only to tragically kill them off in order to rip the strings of your heart out of your chest.  I truly believe he would kill grandmas, children, Santa Claus and kick the living hell out of the family dog to sell a book!
As much as I don't enjoy reading stuff that makes me miserable, I have to contend that Mr. Sparks is a master of his craft, our craft, and we should take heed and learn the lessons well.  Make it emotional, filled with feelings; make it tense, exciting, fun, enjoyable, and sometimes even miserable.
Now quit surfing around on the World Wide Web and get back to work on your masterpiece.  Millions of us, writers and readers, are waiting to read it!


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