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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Amazon Markets

As a writer I have only been E-published since January, and February on Amazon dot com.

Since then I have added one more Novel to my resume while Amazon has added
Amazon DE  Germany
Amazon FR   France

There was already a Amazon UK when I started with them in February.
Amazon DE was added before Amazon FR so technically they have a feather in their cap that they have been around longer, but measured in weeks and days.

During a Blog past some time I mentioned how happy I would be if I got my first sale on Amazon DE!  I mentioned that if somebody from Germany bought one of my books and left their name and some information about themselves I would dance a Scottish Jig and write a blog post about that person.

Since then Amazon FR has been added, and as of yet I have had no sales in either country.  If nobody from either of these two countries buys one of my books, nobody will be there to spread the word about the awesome new Science Fiction writer who will be the new rage very soon!

Word of mouth sells books, but somebody has to be the first and start the ball rolling so to speak.

I hate to rub it in but I get sales every month from Amazon UK, and it grows more each month, because people are talking and spreading the word.

So I am declaring it an Official Country to Country competition between Germany and France, starting November 9, 2011.  Whichever country has a person purchase one of my books and puts their name and just some information about themselves in a comment on this Blog Post I will write a Blog Post dedicated to that person and their glorious country.

Just in case both countries have a tremendous response to this silly little competition where nothing but bragging rights and being mentioned in a United States Blog Post is up for winning, please type in the time and date that that you make your comment.

The more information you put about yourself, where you live, what you do, what you like to read, etc. the better I will be able to write a blog post in your honor.  Please bear in mind I am sarcastic, quick witted, science fiction writer, if left to my own imagination to write a blog about you, well it could really end up anywhere!
I wouldn't take that chance and I am pretty gutsy!

So European Science Fiction enthusiasts for your counties reputation, national pride, and a great read, hurry and be the first to purchase one of my books.  If you do, I hope you enjoy it, and spread the word.



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