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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The galaxies that make up our universe move in the grandest of ballets through space according the science of mathematics.  Back in 1934 Fritz Zwicky postulated something known as Dark Matter to account for the "Missing Mass" that should be there to account for the orbital velocities of the galaxy in clusters.  In real English, the math doesn't add up, so scientists have to add a quantity into the equation to make it work according to what they know, until they discover what is really going on in the real world.  It is an age old practice.
Now bear in mind I only have an associate's degree with an emphasis in accounting, and I am a fledgling aspiring science fiction writer.  To me this practice of sticking something into an equation to make the numbers come out right seems like it might make finding the right something to go into the equation harder, since you're now dealing with a made up variable, which may or may not truly be the case.  It also sounds very similar to what hedge fund managers, certain members of our government, two recently news worthy solar companies, and Enron all have in common.  No concept of accepted accounting procedures or a severe lack of ethics for the truth, or both.
This extraneous theorized variable is believed to constitute 83% of the matter in the known Universe.  That has got to be a number somewhat close to the United States National Debt.  It is HUGE!  Seriously, you can make a number and stick it in there make it all come out right and nobody questions that?
At this point, instead of jumping into politics and ethics, which I would love to do!  I propose!
What if the matter is there?  What if it is there in the form of alternate parallel universes, existing in the same space, with their own matter, affecting the orbital velocities of galaxies because they are all interconnected?  If eighty-three percent of the matter is missing, that means the seventeen percent we have detected makes up our own universe that we can see, feel and sense.  That would leave enough again to make the same Universe 4.88 times over and the numbers would still come out alright.
Further Imagine, that we as human beings the only sentient beings in the entire known universe, only use approximately ten percent of our brains capacity.  That means that everything we have come up with, learned, wrote, painted, watched, thought, and dreamed up came from just the ten percent we have utilized.  What would be possible if we used the other ninety percent?
Will mankind have the ability to communicate telepathically?  If we did would AT&T and Sprint sue our minds to stop the infraction and unfair business practices of advanced human capabilities.
What if humans could develop to the point where we can read each other's thoughts, NO SECRETS, anywhere?
There would be no need to news reporting agencies; we would all know what happened and who did what.  It would re-fine the legal system of the world, because everybody would know who was guilty and of what.  Politics as the world knows it would be done!  Companies and the capitalist society would be over because everybody would know what everything costs and what you have got invested in the product.  You would know who was cheating on whom, which companies had unsafe business practices, and unhealthy products.  Considering the ramifications involved with this ability I would see a clear and definite reason why governments, companies, and the worlds power brokers (THEM) would suppress this ability and dummy down their people to keep it suppressed for as long as possible.
What if the other universes are there just out of sync with our space-time so we can't readily see them and so they can't be proved to exist as of yet?  What if heaven is actually moving up one plane in the existence in the universe?  What if mankind has had abilities which have been blocked and suppressed since the dawn of civilization in order to keep humanity using only ten percent of brains so we do not develop the ninety percent?  We are all connected, in spite of the feelings of being alone.  There is a thread that connects all human beings together on some level.
I am just starting out as a Science Fiction writer, so I IMAGINE all kinds of possibilities, different worlds, peoples, and possible events.  I can finally say that my incessant day dreaming is actually working!  My point today was to let your imagination play.  Ask yourself What IF?
If you have trouble with this aspect of your personality just grab any of millions of great books and explore the possibilities of other day dreamers like me who just happen to write the stuff down so they may share with others.  If you like to read, buy a book and support your favorite authors.  If you like to think, read a book and improve your mind.  If you want to develop the other ninety percent of your brain, you can't they have tainted the water!
Just kidding about the water!  I do wonder why an industrialized nation that is considered a Super Power doesn't have the most extreme educational system in the world, with the finest of teachers, the most extensive educational systems and benefits.  Why anybody in this country would want to be able to go to school and not be able to because they couldn't afford it?  When if they can afford, why isn't it the best education in the world?  How long can we expect to keep our standing when we are raising a country of idiots, electing idiots, and following and believing said idiots into the future!  Oops, I said that out loud.  I'll just finish my water and go find my shovel.  I always forget where I lay it down at.


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