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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I mentioned yesterday, that one of two places you will be hard pressed to find me at is a Hospital!
Tomorrow, I have to go a Hospital!
My father, born in Scotland, Ex Air Force Drill Instructor, Ex California Cop, Ex Construction Superintendent, original old school hard ass, asked me to take him to the Hospital.
My old man doesn't ask for help.  So when he asked me, I arranged to take two days off work to help get him there and get him home again.
He is going in for an operation.  Some time ago in the middle of the night he stubbed his toe on the microwave cabinet stand in his kitchen.  He broke the toe that is next to your big toe.  Then he just dealt with it.  It was never set, so it didn't mend itself properly and now consequently it needs to be re-broke along with possibly the big toe.  I have to pick him and my mother up at their house at 7:00am and take them to the hospital and then later get him home.
I took Friday off to go over and help with anything they may need help with, because frankly you don't know what is going to come up that you didn't think about beforehand.  They will have no idea how bad it will be until after he has the operation.
So if I don't get around to writing a blog post for the next two to four days, I am fine, I will just be taking care of my family.
On December 10th, 2011, the Saturday, I have a guest blog post coming out on the site Six Letter Press.  It is about me and one of my many adventures during my time in the Army.  It mentions my Dad!  If you haven't already go there and book mark the site so you can find it easily on the tenth.
There is a scene in my first book that is recounted by a Marine and a stunt pulled in a morning formation involving a Red Santa Claus hat.  That actually was perpetrated by yours truly in the United States Army sometime in 1986, at Fort Knox, KY.  So if you have read "Whisper" and come across that scene know you know the truth behind the story.  I would have gotten in a lot of trouble if not for the fact that it was so ballsy and extremely funny.  I definitely got the point if I did anything even remotely similar there would be dire consequences.
If you haven't read "Whisper" yet, check it out.  It is my action, adventure story that turned out as a love story so I am told.
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