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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day and Random Rants

First off its Veterans Day, I don't really feel like it would be appropriate to say 'Happy Veteran's Day' because it is about remembering those who have given their lives in the name of Freedom and Liberty.
In 1921 the "Tomb of the Unknowns" was dedicated by President Harding at Arlington Cemetery on November 11th.  If you don't know what this is, especially if you are a soldier or were a veteran it is worth learning about.  I personally am extremely touched by the way the place is vigilantly guarded by America's Finest!
Armistice Day was officially established in 1926 to commemorate the 1918 signing of the armistice ending World War I, the War to End all Wars!  We know how that turned out.
In June, 1954, the name was changed to "Veterans Day" to honor all men and women who have served in American armed forces.
Now the Random Rants
For a few years now I have listened to parts of the Savage Nation radio show.  Three days after I published my second novel, Mr. Doctor Savage, published his first fiction novel and it is on its sixth or seventh week on the New York Bestsellers List!  Congratulations Doctor Savage.
He has been giving away copies to those who call into the show for weeks, and finally something came on I felt I could add an intelligent comment too, so I called in and actually got through for the first time.  I was so excited driving home from work that I would actually get to speak with this man on his show, and hoping I would get a copy of his new book "Abusive Power" for FREE.  Unfortunately I waited patiently on hold for thirty-nine minutes and had reached my destination where I had my family and friends waiting for me in a restaurant for dinner.  I had to hang up and go inside, out of politeness to my friends and to be with my family.
Doctor Savage, I don't always agree with everything you say, but you are very intelligent and highly entertaining, you do have a gift.  Sorry I missed the opportunity.  When I can afford it I will purchase your book because I really do want to read it.
I heard about a survey given of college students getting ready to enter the work force, and of the excerpts quoted one point caught me as very odd.
Eighty some percent of those who took the survey said they would take a lower paying job to have more social computer or phone freedom in the work place.  They want to stay connected to Facebook, Google Plus, Linked-In and all the other social stuff and have the right to surf the web while they are supposed to be doing a job that they want to get paid for.
Managers, Supervisors, and especially Company Owners re-read that and think about the ramifications of that statement.  I find it amazing, appalling, frightening, and highly insightful all in a single blow!
The World is getting to where people don't think they can live without this stuff!  That it is a necessity to living.
If there was no internet and cell phones, it all went away tomorrow what would you do?
Could you survive?
Why the government wouldn't let that happen.  It is as vital as electricity, and utilities!
If a terrorist takes over a building, what is the first thing the police and the government turn off to the building?  The Freaking Power!
If our people, American People, got pissed off enough to take to the streets in an armed and organized fashion to over throw our government for taking away our Liberty and Freedom, what do you think would be one of the first things the Government would shut off to inhibit our ability to communicate and work together?  The Internet and the Cell Phone Systems would be crashed!
Revolt, Oh that would never happen here!
I could spend the rest of the day listing dates, times and reasons different countries had revolutions, two have been very recent and highly publicized in the news!
Ask Great Britain if American's would ever revolt and get their opinion on the subject.  Ask somebody who went to school in Great Britain what the significance of July Fourth is?
They would answer it was the day the American Revolt started.  They don't seem to look at it as Independence Day!  It all really depends upon your viewpoint as to what your reality of the world is at any given moment!  It is subjective!
The initial question on the table is.  Could you live without cell phones or the internet?
This ties together so many points of past posts of mine on this Blog.
There are entire groups of generations, still alive, who remember when there were no cell phones, no home computers, and no Internet.
The oldest and wisest of us still have oil lamps sitting in front of mirrors for when the lights go out.  Some of you will understand that statement and many won't.  I am not going to explain it because those that don't get it may never get it or understand it.
Contest Update
Which country will be the first to purchase one of my books on Amazon?
France or Germany?  Amazon FR or Amazon DE?
Both are at ZERO!
What do you WIN?  Bragging Rights!  Plus leave a comment on this Blog Post with your Name, where you live, some general information about what an intelligent, brave, and totally awesome person you are.  I will do a Blog Post in your honor and perpetually mention you over and over as having single handily won this battle between your two countries.  Please also enter the date and time you purchased said book or books in case it comes in as a tie.  I want to be as fair as possible.
See my Nov. 8th Post about New Amazon Markets for further expaination.


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