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Friday, November 25, 2011

Beaver Moon

Despite the name there is nothing pornographic about this post.
Among new things I have run across recently is the names given to full moons in different months.  Let me preface the following chart with an explanation of the term Algonquian.  Algonquian is a sub-family of Native American languages which includes most of the languages in the Algic Language family.
Month                     Old English                  Algonquian
January                    Old Moon                     Wolf Moon
February                  Wolf Moon                   Snow Moon
March                     Lenten Moon                 Worm Moon
April                         Egg Moon                     Pink Moon
May                          Milk Moon                   Flower Moon
June                         Flower Moon              Strawberry Moon
July                           Hay Moon                     Buck Moon
August                     Grain Moon                 Sturgeon Moon
September                Fruit Moon                   Harvest Moon
October                  Harvest Moon                 Hunters Moon
November              Hunters Moon                  Beaver Moon
December                 Oak Moon                       Cold Moon
I find it interesting that the Old English term is in many cases the same term only a month later than the Native American term.  I would have to do more research to figure out if this was because of an interpretational connection, seasonal, or coincidental.
The term Blue Moon refers to an extra full moon in a season, if a season has four full moons instead of the normal three, then the third of the four would be referred to as the Blue Moon.  In the late nineteen hundreds in the United States it has been mistakenly considered the second full moon is was called the Blue Moon, but this is not correct.  Normally a Blue Moon occurs once every 2.7 years as there are generally 12.37 Full moons per year.
Not extremely Earth shattering but probably something most people don't know!
On a personal note as an Author and trying to sell the books I have written and published.  It has bothered me that my first book is having an awesome record sales month, but hardly anybody is buying my second and much better book.  I was concerned with the state of the world economy that maybe it is because my second book is priced at $4.99 where as my first book is at .99 cents.  So I created a code for my second book and posted on Google Plus, Twitter, and my Blog that for Thanksgiving only my second book would be available for .99 cents and provided the code.  There wasn't one single taker!  Not one.
It could be that with the holiday and people being busy that nobody noticed.  Could be?  So I am announcing now that December 10, 2011, a guest post written by yours truly will be appearing on the sLp website.
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That day and that day only I will announce and provide a code again making my second book available for .99 cents.  So if you're interested in saving 80% mark your calendar for December 10th and check in here, go and visit the sLp site and read my guest post, but get your code here to get my book.  One day only!  So be ready.
New Markets Contest Update
Amazon DE   ZERO
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Amazon UK may end up being the bragging winner by default in just a few short days!


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