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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Turns in Time

I have mentioned in previous posts my family is Scottish, Clan Gunn, my father was born in Scotland and his family was from the Glascow area.  I am the first generation of the family born in America.  I was born on Castle Air Force Base which used to be located outside Merced, California.  My father was part of SAC, Strategic Air Command, and a Drill Instructor during his time in the Air Force.
When I was between two and three the men under my Dads command made a tiny regulation Air Force uniform with the sergeant stripes, and the SAC patch.  I wore this when I was itty bitty and my father said I would march around issuing orders and his men would snap to.

Later my folks got me the jacket, and kilt (Clan Gunn Tartan) to wear.  They have pictures hanging on their wall at their home of me and my little sister dressed in our traditional Scottish attire.
This weekend my four year old Hayden wore the same kilt I wore as a child.  My youngest son Garth, wore the Air Force uniform I wore as a child.  For anybody wondering this is what an Air Force uniform looked like in 1968 – 69.  My boys, Second Generation Scottish American!  Damn I'm Proud!


Kasie Whitener said...

These are great! I think there must be a story there.

What kind of commonalities do the air force uniform and the clan tartan have? uniform? same-ness? connectivity?

Great images and ideas to ponder.

Gabrielle Mazur said...

Adorable! This weekend my family back in MI went to the Highland Festival in Alma, MI. Wish I could have been with them!

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