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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming, Brain Storming, or your Muse whispering to you, whatever you call it, it is a wonderful magical experience.  My father used to get on me all the time growing up to pay attention, quit day dreaming.  I was paying attention just not in the way he thought I should.  I am glad today that through all those years I never quit day dreaming.  My son has a more active imagination than I do, and I whole heartedly encourage it in every way.  I have actually even considered writing down the stories that my son tells me for posts for my blog.
I enjoy the mental escape of day dreaming, thinking about the stories I am writing, that I want to write, twisting plots, pitting characters against each other in the most sinister of ways.  I relish in the total freedom with the story to take it in whatever direction I wish and get as twisted, and sick as I want to be.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I get the same enjoyment writing the story that readers do when reading a great book.  Only it lasts much longer, because the process is so much slower.
In the Interview recently done of me by Linda Barnett-Johnson.
She asked an interesting question about do I have stories or characters that haunt me?
Oh, and I do.  It is so hard to just jot down notes and ideas concerning these stories and tucking them away for some later date when I will get around to writing them.  Trying to focus on my current stories, plots and characters instead of getting caught up in a story I am not prepared to commit to at this time.  I try to listen to my Kindle read to me while I drive back and forth from work, but sometimes my Muse just yells shit at the top of her lungs in my head so I can't focus on the story I am trying to read/listen too.  So I end up turning it off and listen to my Muse rant and rave and try to remember the important elements to take notes on them at the first available time.  I have tried speaking into a hand held recorder the ideas I get when I drive but then the Muse becomes quiet for fear of being recorded and discovered by the real world.  So I don't use the recorder and let the Muse rattle away rather than take the chance of her leaving and my day dreaming ending and the flood of ideas being reduced to a dribble.
I once heard that everybody can't day dream.  That a lot of people have trouble even imagining what they are reading about.  They don't dream.  They don't imagine crazy wild scenarios playing out in their head.  I can't imagine not being able to.  What a black and white boring and miserable world that would be to live in.


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