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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Caught up in the Drama

I was going to apoligize for not having a post a today, but that in itself would be a post.  I have been working on the Sequel for my second book "No Rules Of Engagement" and I am at one of those points in writing a book where it is building to a major plot point and it kind of writes itself.  There is so much to be said and done, and get into the book, this is the part that most of before and a lot of what comes after is built upon.

It is looking up at a mountain and realizing not only is it a volcano, but that shaking under your feet and the white billowing smoke coming from the mountain forces the thought to the forefront of your brain that you need to run.  The volcano is about to erupt!

That's is the best way to describe it, so between work, family, life, traffic, the Chiefs winning Monday night, and a new month, everything is just something that needs done until I can get back to the book.  But instead of reading it, I get the emense pleasure of writing it.  I am pretty sure from the comments and reviews I am getting about "No Rules Of Engagement" that my readers feel the same excitement and tension while reading the story that I do when writing the story.  So Ta Ta for now, I'm off to work on the book.

If you haven't read "No Rules Of Engagement" yet, think about checking it out.
Winters coming and you might need a good book to cuddle up with along side your favorite lamp or fireplace.

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