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Monday, May 14, 2012

Your Immortal Soul

I have alluded to some other stories that I would like to write in time once I get the current projects written, edited, and published.  Unfortunately writing a book takes a long time.  Not unlike meeting around the camp fire and hearing an epic tale related over the course of a few nights.  So the stories in my head that I want to tell keep smoldering, maturing, and matriculating until such time that I can release them into my word processer.
One of the stories deals with re-incarnation.  I don’t necessarily believe in re-carnation but I do believe in the existence of an immortal soul.  The story also deals with the idea of an immortal soul that never dies but continues on and on into eternity.  So really the only difference is the belief that instead of hanging out in some never land somewhere until the rapture and all souls are gathered up to heaven or sent to hell, they get to come back to earth in a different form to live again and grow in experience and understanding from life to life until some point you proceed to the next level of existence, to possibly start the whole process over again only on a different plane of existence.
Nobody truly knows until you leave this world, plane of existence, and end up wherever it is we end up.  I find it amazing that so many different beliefs exist as to what does or doesn’t happen and it is such a personal thing that people go to war and stand up and die for their beliefs even when they can’t prove one way or another what really happens.  This devotion to your beliefs is called Faith.  Some have it, some don’t, some people know what they believe and why and some don’t.  I believe in God almighty!  I believe the soul is eternal.  It is what causes life within our bodies.  I believe in good and evil, darkness and light, and that there is a hell of a lot going on around us every day in this seemingly normal world that science, doctors and religious people can’t explain.  I believe for all the stuff we learn through science we still do not understand there is just as much about Earth, the galaxy, our bodies, Earth’s past, and spirituality that we do not understand or have a clue about what is really going on.

The premise of my story is that if re-incarnation does exist, and that after you die at some point if you come back to Earth in a different body your soul will remain you!  The quintessential parts of you, your sense of humor, your style, your flair, what makes you  -  -  YOU!  That won’t change no matter where you are born, who your parents are, what nationality you come from, what language you speak, or your educational background, the soul remains the same.  The things you like and dislike will remain the same.  The interests, curiosity, intensity, and your passion won’t change.  You are you no matter what you look like, where you come from, or what you decide to do or not to do.  I do feel that if you did come here repeatedly at different times and learn and grow that good people can turn bad and bad people can become good.  You see examples of this throughout history and literature.  I believe the quest for fame, fortune and power are hopefully lessons we all have to learn in this life or many.
Not part of the story but something I want to comment on is humanities strengths!  Our duality as in regards to our will to live but also our willingness to lay down our lives for our countries, beliefs, and loved ones.  How mankind rises from adversity over and over again, whether through man kinds own making, as in wars, or just dealing with the forces of nature as they wreak havoc on our people and cities.  Mankind typically is at its best under severe adversity.  How in times when prosperity allows certain people can create such works of artistry that it wrenches at our souls and causes our bodies to weep.  That we can live, learn, understand, and most importantly express and receive love from one another is amazing beyond belief.
I didn’t answer any probing questions, solve any riddles, or even tell what the book is going to be about.  I did express some thoughts I have on the soul that I believe we all contain one of.  I hopefully made you think about life lessons you should be learning.  Maybe you considered your wisdom and thought about the bigger picture of humanity for just a second or two.  Maybe you just wondered about something new for a couple of moments.
Thanks for reading and dropping by.  Oh the book will be about taking it with you, the money, the houses, the art, jewelry, cars, and clothes.  They say you can’t take it with you!  What if you could?  Wouldn’t be learning any lessons but what a jump start to your new life!  The key would be in your soul!
May God Bless and have a great day.

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