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Friday, May 25, 2012

One of the reasons I enjoy writing books.

I don’t have to work as hard as I do, but I enjoy what I do (most of it – editing still sucks), so it’s a passion and drives me to do as much as I can every day to get closer to my goals as a writer.  I remember when my writing goals were not as lofty as they are now.  When I was happy to peck away and type a page or two in a day, and maybe connect with another author on-line.  To read something about writing to try and learn what I ought to know to be a successful writer.

One of the reasons I enjoy writing is the sense of accomplishment it gives me when I look on my book shelf and see my two books.  Each day I know I am getting closer to more of my stories being published and joining them.  With each new book comes new experience gained through the process of writing and self-publishing.
As the days wear by at what seems like an ever increasing speed I can see my books develop before my eyes.  Everybody is busy and we each are responsible for exactly where we are at this time.  I choose to be a writer and therefore spend every spare moment I have thinking about writing, writing, doing research for my writing, proofing, editing, promoting or something to do with writing.
I also get to watch and track the sales of my books.  I can watch the number of books sold climb each day, week after week, month after month as I am slowly becoming discovered in the literary world as an author.

Your time is yours.  How you spend it is up to you.  When I think of all the years I wasted that I could have been writing it makes me sick.  It took me 44 years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, what I enjoy doing more than anything else.  Almost anything else, I still enjoy playing with my kids and wife more than writing.  Now as the days go by I know I have done the best I can do that day.  In the mornings I hope out of bed and can’t wait to get back to work at doing what I love.  I am doing more each day to get closer to my dream than I ever thought was possible.  I am seeing results of my work that I would never have believed two years ago.

The best part is when I read a review from someone who has discovered one of my books and they obviously loved it.  They got what I was putting out there, they understood it, and enjoyed it.  Then I feel more than fulfilled because I got to share the magic and joy of reading through one of my stories to a reader.  Hopefully I have gained a lifelong fan from that point onward as long as my stories don’t get cookie cutter or predictable.

My Book Whisper is on Sale through the Memorial Day weekend for .99 Cents.  Get your copy today and Meet Captain Wiley Randolph and the Crew of the Whisper as they travel through time.  There is still time before the Sequel comes out this summer of 2012.

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