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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Guns in America

Even though the number of registered hunters is declining the number of registered gun owners is about to break an all-time high for the past twenty years.
Last year there were over 600,000 thousand registered hunters in Wisconsin alone.  According to stats from one blog I’ve read that makes Wisconsin hunters the world’s eighth largest army!
That’s more people with guns than men in arms in Iran.  More than France and Germany combined, and these are just seasonal hunters of Wisconsin.  That doesn’t count the 750,000 from Pennsylvania or the 700,000 from Michigan.  During hunting season in these three states alone that’s 2,050,000 that went out with loaded weapons hunting and returned home safely.
After reading all of this it got me curious so I checked into how many registered gun owners are there in this country?  I couldn’t find a number but I found a survey done in 2011 that showed that 34% of adult Americans own a firearm.  With a population of 311,800,000 people in 2011 that equates to about 106,012,000 Americans with Guns!
The survey said that 47% of American households has a gun on the premises!
46% percent of these are owned by men, while 23% are owned by women!  Way to go girls!!
This doesn’t include people serving actively in our armed forces who obviously have and work with some of the worlds most sophisticated weaponry in the world.
It doesn’t include those paranoid people who have guns that aren’t registered for fear that our own government will try and take them away from us.
This doesn’t include the arsenal of illegal weapons in this country you can’t register because they are illegal to own, even though some people do.
This doesn’t include those who are off the grid and living here, illegal aliens with weapons, drug dealers weapons (I don’t believe Drug dealers or modern gangsters register their work weapons.), Gangsters, Security Personal (Police, Swat, CIA, FBI, DEA, and the list could go on for days) who have weapons for work which aren’t registered to them personally.
Not that America would never get invaded, but God have mercy on the Army that does!  The right to bear arms was by far the greatest step of freedom and forward thinking our founding fathers ever came up with.  I’ll shut up and keep my freedom of speech suppressed before I give up my gun!  I’ll live under tyranny until it can be overthrown and the government returned to the people before I give up my gun.  Our founding fathers knew the time would come for a Mulligan of the very institutions they created, because we are human!  So they instituted a basic freedom to make a dictatorship or conquering the country as hard as possible!
My fear is not the fellow people of the world, or their armies, or ideologies.  My fear is our own government getting to the point they actually think it is in our best interest to be disarmed or stupid enough to try and disarm the country by force.  Either way will escalate into a blood bath.
Oh, I never mentioned the fact that of that 106,012,000 million Americans with weapons, how many do you think are ex-military, who voluntarily signed up and served to defend this great nation at one time or another?
May God Bless and Let Freedom Ring!!
Nobody prays for peace more earnestly than the soldiers!

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