Tuesday, May 1, 2012

For Aspiring Writers

Tickling Your Muse
I have mentioned previously ways of enhancing or inspiring your creativity.  Tickling your muse, getting into that creative wonderful zone where the words flow and ideas gush forth and you can’t type fast enough to get it all down.  Briefly some hints to un-inhibit yourself.
Change the page color on your word processor.  Play instrumental music in the background.  Get plenty of sleep, exercise and eat right.  Change the color of your font.  Change where you write at.  Play the same series of music every time you’re writing, later when you turn the music on your body has been trained by you to get into the zone and get ready to create and type. 
Getting Discovered
I have said all along that part of getting discovered is getting your book into certain markets.  Somebody starts reading it, and they talk to their friends in person or on-line.  Before you know it you get other sales from the same area.  The more people are reading your book and talking about it the more it will spread.  The other day I mentioned I finally had a sale in the new Amazon areas in Europe; somebody on Amazon Italy bought “No RulesOf Engagement” my second novel.  Two days later I got my second sale of the same book from Amazon Italy. 
Lastly, be thankful!  I saw an old fashioned typewriter the other day.  No correction ribbon.  Each sheet had to be manually loaded into the machine.  At the end of each line you had to manually return the carriage.  Some phones still call that button ‘return’ where most keyboards have shifted to the use of Enter.  Return dates back to the old typewriters.  I can’t imagine writing a book the way they did just twenty years ago.  I can type nonstop, for pages at a time, with virtually no interruptions.  Can correct words at a glance and a click and never touch a dictionary or have to look a word up.  I can shoot stuff off to Beta readers or my editor and get feedback the same day!  How impatient do we get at the slow monotonous work we do as writers when we are flying at light speed compared to the authors of day’s gone bye?

Be Thankful!!

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