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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wonder Woman – Super Mommy

When I meet my wife she dressed in dress’s and business attire, had a good job at financial company.  She owned her own condo, she was a self made women.  She was into current fashions, shoes, shopping, and socializing.  Then she married me!
Almost 12 years later, almost nine years of being married, my daughter is 21 and my wife is more of a mother to her than her own on most days.  We have two boys Hayden age four and Garth age two.  The house is a land of magic as it changes to the old west, Star Wars scenes, or strange worlds with a multitude of Super Heroes and villains abounding through it.  The boys should be named like they do with hurricanes for their destructive and powers of carnage amongst the rooms of the house.
My boys believe Mommy is Wonder Woman because she resembles Wonder Woman’s picture on the Justice League poster in their play room!
She is Wonder Woman, the way she takes care of the family, the house, works out at the gym to regain her bodies former glory before the wretches of child birthing wreaked havoc on her figure.  Over the years I have domesticated my wife and turned her into super Mommy complete with the mini van that the boys are destroying along with everything else we own.
Sometimes I wonder if she will ever forgive me for what I have done to her by transforming her life in this manner.  I realize she wouldn’t have it any other way, she is stronger, more confident, and is doing the hardest job on the planet and managing to transform her identity into the woman she wants to be in the midst of the whirlwind and fun.
Mommy never gets a day off, at most spare moments where a kid isn’t incessantly requesting something insane, or being belligerent.  Mommy get sick she still has to go on.  She cooks, cleans, plans social events, dresses children, kisses boo boo’s and can scream like a drill sergeant when necessary.  I love her and the tremendous job she does with all us boys and my daughter every single day of the year.
God Bless My Wife, and Mommy’s every where for all they do.  The truly unsung heroes of the universe.  Happy Mothers Day!!!

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