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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Shady Side Of Characters

Throughout history some of the most notorious and famous people have been bad guys.  If you read enough of history, past the general grade school crap you will discover that some of the most outstanding people of history weren’t so untarnished or shiny in regards to their character.
Famous people who did shady things that were covered up, forgotten, downplayed in the light of their more noteworthy history making achievements.
Examples include famous statesmen who were shall we say had promiscuities that history doesn’t focus on too much.  Famous sailing Captains of renown who were also notorious pirates in their time, helping their countries under a dark flag and profiting in doing so.  Generals who committed heinous acts, cavorted with dark figures to further their means, protect others political futures, and discover intelligence about their enemies both foreign and domestic.  Presidents who ordered assassinations of individuals to further their own careers, protect national security, or maintain that certain things remain secrets.
I am not going to name names or provide a thesis on the corruption of man and the ideals we should all strive for.  I write this to possibly peak your interest to read some great books on history.  Several of them that come to mind are dry and boring to read but extremely illuminating in their insight to the true nature of life, governments, and the shady side of otherwise well-known highly respected people of history.
I also write this to instruct that your characters, to be real people, have to have flaws.  They are allowed to be shady and do stuff that makes them not so shiny and spiffy clean.  Your villains can be nasty, mean, horrible and so disgusting you get creped out just reading about them.  To make them real that have to be allowed to screw-up occasionally, make questionable decisions, and make mistakes.  We’re human, people make mistakes, even the ones we think are the greatest people who ever graced the planet screwed up now and again.
If you don’t believe me read some history books, biographies, autobiographies, and then get back with me in a few years.  Better yet, watch the news and hear about all the crap non famous people are doing every day and getting caught doing it.  What makes me shiver is the shit that happens that we will never hear about.  Then again as a writer I try and imagine what that shit might be and turn it into stories.  I have a series I will be writing in the not too distant future which will involve organized crime but from a whole new prospective.  Something I have never seen before and going to new levels of criminal activity.  The criminal stuff I imagine and have been saving up for years will come flowing out like a dam breaking with that series.
Stay Tuned ! !

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