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Friday, May 25, 2012

Is Time Travel Possible?

Discover Magazine years ago posed this question to ten different physicists.  They asked each one if they thought it was possible and to provide some theory on how it might be achieved.  What I found more surprising than the ten affirmative answers was ten different theories on how one might go about attempting to effectively build a time machine.
My first novel “Whisper” is a tale about a ship experimenting with sliding an object, the USS Whisper out of sync with time in order to make it disappear.  When the unknown happens while testing this phase shifter, they find themselves transported over 200 years into the past.

Available on Amazon dot com on sale for 75% off this Memorial Day weekend, treat yourself to some high anxiety time traveling fun with the Navy and the crew of the Whisper.
For .99 Cents you can ride along with Captain Wiley Randolph, his EX Carl Sanford, Teddy their Chief of the Boat, and Russell Reynolds the Physicist who created the phase shifter.  Just in time to read the first in the series before the sequel comes out this summer.
There is bonus material at the end of the book as you also get the first chapter of “Leviathan Deterrent” the sequel to “Whisper” along with the first chapter of “No Rules Of Engagement” the first book of the Alexander Hawk series.  The sequel to “No Rules Of Engagement” should be out by years end, hopefully in time for the holidays.

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