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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Breaking the Rules

Is it breaking the rules when the rules are not written down, when no committee or convention has conviened to determine these are the rules?  If they are not written down, posted for all to see, or available in some format as in an instruction manual, is it breaking still breaking the rules?
Case in point.  What I call elevator ettiquite.
These rules are followed by all who ride together in elevators, pre-established by some social force of nature, not written or explained to the participants.
When you get an on elevator and it’s empty you step in turn and face the front, select the floor you want and either stand on that side or be preemptive and move to the back or the otherside in case somebody else happens to board the elevator.
One note here is that an empty elevator with just one person or a couple who knows each other is a funny thing because people realize they are alone and get stupid.  This can be testified to by the multitude of security personnel who watch elevator security cameras.
The fun and rules begin when more than one person is riding in an elevator who are previously aquainted with each other.
You’re on a elevator and the door opens and another person enters the elevator.  They will push their button, if you are on the button side they will move to the other side.  If you are in the back of the car or on the side opposite the buttons they will stay on the button side or move to the back.
Everybody faces the front of the car.  You equally subdivide the space of the car in order to share the space with the other riders.
This dividing of space, sharing the button space or being socially open and trusting enough to ask someone else to push the button for the floor you want.
The title of the post was about Breaking the Rules.
Ways to do this would be to reach into people space to pucsh your floor button, and to stand in the absolute center of the car facing the rear of the car with your back to the doors.
This violates about every rule of elevator ettiquite and rules!  People may not even realize what you’re doing wrong but you will distrub everybody in the elevator for this social misbehavior and blantant nonconformity.  People will bolt off the elevator even if it isn’t their floor.  People will mess with the bags or stuff they carrying.  They will not make eye contact with you.  Most will not even realize what it is exactly that you are doing that is making them so uncomfortable.
I love identifying these areas of social conformity and unwritten rules that society follows just so I can subtly go against the conventional way just to screw with people.  It’s harmeless fun and messing with peoples minds without letting them know how your messing with them.
It is a lot nicer than stopping the one of three of the only registers open at Walmart, of Mc Donalds during a lunch rush while they have to request a manger because you asked if they take Hawiaiian Money?  I’ve done this!
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