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Monday, May 21, 2012

Old Friends

Back in the mid to late eighties I was in the Army and made a lot of friends and even more memories.  Through all of that I have stayed in touch with one friend from that period of my life, T.J. Hooker.  Not the TV character played by William Shatner, but an old tanker Army buddy who shared many of my adventures in the Army with me.
Until Saturday night and this Sunday morning the last time I saw him was six years ago.  That was way too long.  It amazed me at how time flies when you’re not paying attention to it.
It was so good to see my old friend, even with such a small visit it meant so much to me.  The flood of old memories it brought to the surface.  I know we both look much different and have changed a lot over the years, but just like that phenomenon where you don’t feel any older inside, I could still see my friend the way we used to be twenty-five years ago in my memories.  I still have the year book of our basic and AIT with pictures of us covered in mud and climbing around on the tanks stuck between the pages, on my book shelf.
Most days my time in the service seems like a million years ago, in a different lifetime.  Yet you look in my sock drawer and see the socks rolled and stacked just so, and the tank top under shirts I wear folded and stacked just so in my drawers, and you realize some parts of your training never leave you.  We visited an air show at Whiteman AFB earlier in the day Saturday where I was showing my two young boys this giant machine that was on an old World War II airplane and got to brag to my boys that I got to shoot one of those mounted on a tank when I was in the Army.  Between the airshow and hearing about my old Army buddy coming by for dinner they keep calling the airmen at Whiteman, Army men.  They are very young and got a little confused.
All in all it was a trip down memory lane, and seeing all the wonderful old aircraft from our nations fighting past it was nostalgic to say the least for me.  I was born on an Air Force Base (Castle) that doesn’t exist any longer and have had a love affair with airplanes since my first memories.
I realized something this weekend which is odd and I have never been asked about during my many author interviews.  Born and raised as an Air Force Brat, that joined the Army when I came of age, how is that my first book is about the Navy and warships?  I don’t have an answer for that either, except my stories are just about stuff that I would love to read that haven’t been written yet.  My First book “Whisper” is exclusive right now on Amazon dot com for $3.99, but this upcoming weekend, Memorial Day weekend it will be on sale for .99 cents!  So if you’re looking for something new and exciting, a Navy military adventure that deals with time travel and you haven’t read it yet, make a note to get your copy this upcoming weekend.
Remember there is now bonus material at the end of the book.  The first Chapter of my second and the first Chapter to the sequel of “Whisper”, which will be titled “Leviathan Deterrent” and by released in just a month or so!
Oh, by the way my old Army buddy is one of the followers of this Blog and has a blog of his own!!  T.J. Hooker, so check him out!  He is supposed to send a link to his blog and when he does I’ll share it on an upcoming post.
May God Bless and thanks for dropping by and sharing.

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