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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bonus Material Added To Whisper

“Nielsen says the average book published in the United States sells fewer than 250 copies a year and fewer than 3,000 overall.  Of the 1.2 million titles Nielsen tracked in 2004 (publishing’s heyday), 950,000 sold fewer than 99 copies; only 25,000 sold more than 5,000.

This sentence was removed from a back and forth session on Writer’s Digest were experts went back and forth on the top ten rules about writing that we have all heard about.

According to the dated report (2004) 950,000 books sold fewer than 99 copies, that’s 79 percent of the books tracked that year!

The average book sells fewer than 250 copies a year and fewer than 3,000 overall.

I published “Whisper” at the end of January 2011, so it has been out for just over one year.  To date I have sold 999 copies of my FIRST NOVEL!  One more sale and I hit 1000 sold for my first book in less than two years.  That beats the averages all to hell.  I hope to break that three thousand mark this year!

This will always be my worst book just because it is the weakest story and it will always be the first book I published.  When I first published it in January 2011, it had crappy artwork drawn with a mouse in Microsoft Paint Brush by yours truly.  The text was full of errors, with bad grammar, and punctuation.

Recently “Whisper” has gotten a face lift in the way of a new cover and it has been completely re-edited.  The newest online version has TWO new bonus features added to the end of the book!

1.  It has the First Chapter of my second novel attached to the end of it!  The first chapter of my second novel has been re-edited, the rest of the book is being edited now and will be updated on-line as soon as it is finished and all necessary corrections have been made.  “No Rules Of Engagement” has recently received a new cover also!

2.  The First Chapter of the sequel to Whisper is included at the end of the book.  God willing and the crick don’t rise; it will be released this Summer!  But the first chapter is there for those who want a sneak peak!

If you have previously purchased “Whisper” and already read it, you may want to upload the newest version and check at the bonus material at the end of the book!

Well alright!  I have to get back to work, these books don’t write or correct themselves, and after reading the first chapter some of you may actually want the rest of the book.

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