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Thursday, May 24, 2012

History Tidbits for May 24th

Yesterday and Today May 23-24, in 1962, Scott Carpenter’s historic flight in Aurora 7, as part of the Mercury Project where American Astronaut Scott Carpenter orbited the Earth three times in the Aurora 7 Capsule.

The Bismarck

Also on this day in History in 1941, the German Battleship Bismarck sunk the then Pride of the Royal Navy’s Fleet, the HMS Hood.  Only three crew members survived that engagement.  Churchill made it job one to sink the Bismarck after losing the Hood.

               The HMS Hood

And lastly but not least one of New York’s Icons, The Brooklyn Bridge opened for traffic this day in history in 1883 after fourteen years of construction.  This bridge has been featured in more films than Kevin Bacon!!  My favorites include “Kate and Leopold” because it involves time travel and the Godzilla movie where Godzilla didn’t look anything like what he is supposed to but does end up trying to cross the bridge.

Notice the skyline in these pictures, and the absence of sky scrapers.  With all this city has been through over the years the Brooklyn Bridge is still there!

I tried to find a picture of the Bridge from the same angle without the Twin Towers in the background but I couldn't.  So we have the early pictures before the sky scrapers and a picture of Sky Scrapers which are no longer there.  It's not that I don't like this picture, I just know how seeing the Twins makes me feel when I remember 911 and I've never been to New York.  It still causes a pang of pain in my heart when I remember that dreadful attack.

Just like the above pictures may cause some pangs for our allies across the ocean in the UK.
But just as with 911, I am sure there are those of us who will never forget.  I still post History Tidbits not cause hard feelings but so we can remember, for some to learn, so we may not repeat the Past.

Remember this weekend my book “Whisper”, a time traveling tale about a Navy ship will be on sale for .99 cents through the Memorial Day weekend.  Some people have said it is a Love Story, I still contend its Science Fiction Action Adventure.

May God Bless and have a Safe Holiday!!

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