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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Masks We Wear

On Pinterest I have a whole board dedicated for masks.

The Lone Ranger wore one, Zorro wore one, Batman wears one, they wear them for Mardi Gras, and as children we all enjoyed getting up and wearing a mask.  The masks are a symbol for my true fascination which isn’t so much the mask you can put on but the mask you wear for the world every day in public.
We all do it.  Very few people are truly what you see is what you get type of people.  Most everyone wears a mask of one sort or another.  The masks we wear are every bit as elaborate as the ones on my Pinterest board.

My point is that you truly don’t get to really know the people in your life unless you invest the time to get to know them.  Do things with them.  Play with them.  Even then many of the people we know are hiding things we would never imagine.  There are those who think they are wearing masks but we see them as they are anyways (I love those people – They are fun to screw with.)  There are those people who change their masks right in front of you, or at work, or as they walk into church on Sunday morning.

I am just as guilty because even though talking about books, my stories, my books, or anything about the book industry, or any of my other hot buttons which includes History, Warfare, Tanks, Planes, Motorcycles, or woman’s breasts, are all favorite subjects of mine which will get me going in a heartbeat.  Most people I know have no clue I write books.  Hell many of them don’t know I have been in the tire business for almost twenty years.
I am considered rude by my wife and she has expressed that I have the social skills of a nat.  Which I attribute part of that to my being slightly autistic (Very slightly) coupled with OCD that makes me appear to be rude.  I actually think I am one of the friendliest people I know.  I pride myself on being able to have discussions with just about anybody regardless of their background or level of education.  I do confess to intentionally screwing around with the lessor mentally developed individuals I might run into on a daily basis because being stupid hasn’t been outlawed and is running rampant in the part of the world I happen to inhabit.
I’m not talking about screwing with handicapped people!  I am talking about all those who will never see or read this post because if it isn’t in a video game, on television, or on the radio so they will never see it.  It is like Craig Ferguson doing Amish jokes on the Late Late Show, because they will never see or hear about it.  I’m talking about the people who have a million and one uses for a book besides opening it up and reading it.  Yes, the Brilliant individuals who have no concept of history, geography, religions of the world, who can’t read a clock or understand why it’s a different time somewhere else.  Those individuals who have never graced a library with their presence and ask me fun questions such as can I get Angry Birds on my Kindle.
Ok, I might be a little rude, especially to stupid people.  Go figure my favorite comedian is Bill Engvall, and the stuff he does about stupid questions and “Here’s your sign.”  Good News, if you’re reading this you’re definitely not stupid.
Wow, did I get off point.  People wear all kinds of masks.  I especially like people, even the stupid ones, they make life entertaining for free.  I love it when I can get past the masks and get to know people for who they really are.  I know a man who has this special gift where he makes each person he speaks with feel as if they were the most important person that he spoke to all day!  I hope someday to be remembered as such a person.
Get to know the people you think you know and get past the masks if you can.  Meet new people and try not to hide behind your mask.  Make everybody you speak with today feel like they were the reason you got out of bed today.
Welcome to Pinterest Author James Rollins, one of my favorite authors!  I hope you follow me and check out the wonderful collection of masks on my Masks Board.  Anybody can follow me, it’s  Thomas Wilson   StorytellerTDW.  Check out my boards.
Warning Pinning can be addictive, as well as Angry Birds.  It’s a good thing I suck at video games otherwise I probably never would have finished writing a book.

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