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Thursday, May 31, 2012


I’ve been a little off this week, which for a crazy person who is kind of off kilter to begin with who pours his wild imagination and the whispering from my muse into stories for readers to enjoy in the future, means I’ve been a little way off kilter.  Between my family, work (my day job), stealing time in the evenings to try and finish my third book, losing a friend this week to cancer, I’ve been plagued with all the feelings, thoughts and emotions to the point I’ve felt a little over whelmed.  So I finally went to see the other movie I’ve been dying to see, The AVENGERS!
I didn’t grow up a DC Comic fan; I came into late in life and through Television and later more recently the movies.  I was and still am a huge fan of WONDER WOMAN, the television series because of an infatuation with Linda Carter.  I watched the Hulk television show with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, and even follow the blog of Allan Cole who used to write for that show.  I hooked up with him on Linked-In.
Of the movies which belong in this series the only I haven’t seen yet is THOR but it’s on my list of movies to see.  I loved that they were able to do this with the same characters from the other movies.  That really added something to the movie adventure – seeing all the same characters together in one film.  CASTING – FANTASTIC!!!
Special effects were off the HOOK!!  Story was incredible, amazing interaction and dialogue between the characters!  I bet the writers who worked on the screen play had a freaking hay day of a good time piecing that script together.  The movie was serious, exciting and hilarious!
It was a great pick me up and I can see why so many people have seen it over and over!  I got home and told my wife that when they come out on DVD I want to buy Battleship and The AVENGERS!  I remember reading a bloggers take on how the Hulk detracted from the movie because it was unrealistic that he would be able to jump around the way he did.  I am sorry but in my opinion each of the characters had great moments, awesome lines, but the HULK stole the show in a few parts.  When a movie can make the audience yell and clap out loud by thrusting your emotions to the point you can’t stay quiet that is one of the marks of a great movie.  Two parts come to mind where the audience went nuts!
Hulk sucker punching Thor out of the blue!  The other was the Hulk’s reply to Loki expounding on being a God!  Both brought the house down!!  Oh My God!  I think I hurt myself laughing!
Awesome movie people!!  There is a thing where the characters out of costume from AVENGERS are lined up and it says something like “What have you got?” or “It’s your turn?”  They are taunting the upcoming movie, “Dark Knight Rises,” which is the new Batman movie due out shortly.  Christopher Nolan and Crew should be worried.  The AVENGERS will be damn hard to top!
Allan Coles Blog of his Hollywood Misadventures can be found at
Very funny stuff and a behind the scenes look at writing and Hollywood.

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