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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Up Date and Laughing Fit

My wife took the boys to the lake this weekend with her family and left me to work on my second book.  Primarily editing!  I didn't get done what I had set out to do but did manage to get half of what I wanted to done.  Found a much better method of working.  The truly amazing part was how I was able to totally disengage my emotions from the editing.  It is almost as if I reached a new plateau in knowledge and experience as far as editing is concerned.
When I reached a section where my editor highlighted a whole section and put a note REWRITE – I just dove right in as if it were trying to write a post for my blog.  I can't say no emotions; it is just that my feelings for editing have changed.  I am sure a big part of the change is the realization we are getting close to the end.  The end is in sight!  So I was spurred on to give it all I had and not let anything slow my forward progress.  Yet I did manage to do what I felt was an excellent job making changes, it just took time and careful reading, and writing.
I do have a problem.  I will have to solve, and that’s how to get a picture of a blond headed, blue eyed, 8 year kid who looks very confident wearing a Black Nazi Gestapo uniform.  I need a left side profile shot so that the shoulder patch of the flag can be seen.  I have the information of a local costume shop and going to see if they have a Nazi uniform.  No, my second book is not about Nazi's, but a group does model their uniforms after the black pre 1938 Gestapo uniforms which were black with red piping.  The Nazi's quit using them after 1938 because they were deemed too intimidating and scary, which is why I choose that design for the troops in the book to wear.
Laughing Fit
I heard a comedian on the radio the other day but didn't catch his name.  His act snuck up on me because the first part I didn't find particularly funny but it got really funny towards the end of the clip and I got to laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.  I had to pull my truck over to the shoulder of the road because I couldn't see to drive.
The first part of his act was about how we need to save paper and cake so people should be limited to the number of birthdays they are allowed to have during their life.  He said through your life you get 20 birthdays that you get to celebrate.  He went on to explain each one and why, this part was not very funny.
But later when you get to age 95 you don't get birthdays but for each year you make it another year older, another set of laws no longer applies to you.  (Not true – but this was the funny part.)
I don't remember hardly any of the details and I am positive I will thoroughly butcher what little I do remember.  I will post the comics name, if and when I find out who he is.
When your 95 you are allowed to steal anything you want!  If you can grab it with your hands and carry it out of somewhere and get it to your house, it belongs to you.  Frankly if a 95 year old person can steal it away from you, it really wasn't yours!
Somewhere between 96 and 99 you are allowed to drop anything you want, you can liter right in front of a cop and get away with it!  He even acted out a bit where an old person dropped something in front of a police officer.
One of the others between there was you can relieve yourself (PEE) anywhere in public and get away with it.  It won't make anybody around you very happy but seriously what are they going to do to you.
At 100 you can kill anybody you want!  You're still not allowed to shoot them, stab them or poison them!  As long as you use only your own two hands and your own strength!  If you get strangled to death by a 100 year old person you probably deserve to be dead!
I lost it somewhere between 96 and 99 and had pulled over by the time he hit 100 because I didn't want to kill myself because I was having a laughing fit while trying to drive.  I am sure the other drivers passing me thought I was crazy as hell, pulling over to wipe my eyes laughing hysterically!
I pity my children and grand children if I reach that age in life!!


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