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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Segway Jousting

It gets around this time of the year and just a football commercial on television can get me excited.  I am not the all consumed sports fan who has to watch every football game I can get, but I love football season and watching and rooting for our home town Kansas City Chiefs!  I try not to miss a game.  I much prefer watching at home in my own living room rather than at the stadium which is maybe ten minutes from my house.  I don't like crowds, traffic, or beer so sitting at home drinking Kool Aid and eating hot dogs cooked out on the grill is enough to keep me happy.
One day some time ago discussing the direction of the team and our thoughts on the upcoming season with one of my crew, I suggested out of the blue, what I would love to see at the Stadium would be Segway Jousting!  Two smooth lanes separated by a tiny wall, two idiots on Segways wearing armor and helmets with lances charging into each other.  The would be no end to idiots to sign up and try and kill each other.  I bet with very little advertising you could fill Arrow Head Stadium at twenty-five bucks a head and five dollars for parking to watch the carnage.  That's doesn't even take into account the concessions.
If every major city with a Stadium had their own tournament, then do finals televised, and then the Champions would compete globally!
That's a million dollar idea any day of the week!  I would organize it and do it but I want to be a writer more than anything else in the world.  Not just a writer!  I want people counting down until my next book hits the shelves.  Or computer Net, if I am still self publishing!  Just relaying this makes me want to watch the movie with Heath Ledger, "A Knight's Tale."


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