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Friday, July 29, 2011


Besides being able to say you are a published Author, the best reward is Royalties!

Today July 29, 2011, I was notified Amazon dot com was direct depositing my first Royalty Payment from sales of my First Novel, which I published in January of this year.  The amount is laughable as my book is for sale for 99 cents and of which I get 31 cents per book sold. 

It was January 17, of this year that I posted I finished my first Novel!  Within six months I have earned enough to warrant them sending me a payment and for that I am pleased and proud.  As I have stated many times through out my various posts, "Whisper", will always be my worst book.  The fact that my first and worst book is sustaining itself with meager but consistent sales is inspiring for me.

I have finished the rewriting of my Second Novel, "No Rules Of Engagement" and just waiting to get the corrections from my editor.  Have been spending my time working on art work for the cover.


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