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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Medicated and Doing Much Better

It rained!!  Which my thanks to God, the water falling from the sky, kills and drowns the little puffs of white fluffy bits of cotton stuff floating around the area and washes it all to hell. 

It was supposed to rain yesterday, but didn't, Complaint Department Please!

Also because of the care and love of my wife, the wonders of modern over the counter (kind of) drugs for allergies, I am much better today than I was yesterday.

Just in time, because I am working my last of five thirteen hour days at my day job.  Congrats to Derrick, our night manager, who I have been helping out covering his shift for him over the last two weeks.  He and his wife were blessed with another beautiful healthy baby!

Anybody having infertility problems should contact me so I can send you a bottle of our magic Baby water.  This is the third time that this has happened here in the time I have worked here since we found and started using the old rusty water cooler.  I should SELL the water!  I might get more money from that than selling books!  Maybe I should write a story about the magic water cooler.

Keep in mind I am an aspiring writer and tend to exaggerate and get carried away with Stories, but the Title of the Blog should have given you a hint 'STORY TELLER'.

This branch of the company I work for is located in the old Montgomery Wards Distribution Center in Kansas City, MO.  It was built in the very early 1900's.  It was built before electricity became standardized AC - because in the basement is two of the worlds largest DC Generators and that's what powered the place until AC took over and all the other electrical was added to the outside of the existing walls after the fact.  Historical Note - The DC Generators ran the elevators in the building until it was closed in 1979.
After 1979 the building was vacant for a few years, bought and now there are numerous different businesses throughout the building.  The building is ten stories tall, three and a half blocks long and over a hundred years old.

We used to be in the bottom floor on the back side of the building.  Quite a few years ago we out grew that space and moved to an area one floor up and entered from the other side of the building and doubled our space.  Somewhere through the move we found in one of the thousands of hiding spots, a ancient electric water cooler that takes the upturned bottles of water.  We plugged it in and it worked.  We cleaned it out real good and started using it in the tire warehouse.  It gives out the coldest water ever, and is supplied by a National Water company that says the water comes from a natural spring! 

Three times since then there has been a period where half the guys in the place, their wives all get pregnant around the same time.  It isn't that the women's cycles are lining up because of contact with each other, none of the wives know each other, and maybe see each other once a year at a company family function.  Every one here swears it's the water from the old cooler.  They say if a guy drinks from it, his wife will get pregnant, or girl friend, or whom ever he is seeing.  I have two boys as a result of it, if that's the cause?  You know it's the water?

Personally I feel the answer lies in the fact we have a great crew, we all work everyday, and it is hard work.  I have got the healthiest bunch of men in the city working here.  They literally get paid to work out eight hours a day, or more sometimes.  When people first start it is really hard on them, until their body gets used to the punishment.  We have a high turnover rate of new employee's, once somebody makes it past their 90 days they are generally here for the long haul.  Regular work, great shape, if other areas of their life are going good also, given time, that will also produce babies.  As far as the frequency of all the women getting pregnant around the same time, I can't explain that, unless it's the water.


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