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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That's All Right

I'm on Fire Today, HISTORY TIDBIT

On this day July 5th in 1954 Elvis Presley auditions at Sun Records for Sam Phillips.  Two days later, "That's All Right" is played on Memphis radio and the Era of Rock and Roll begins.

I play around with time travel in my books and have several posts dedicated to the subject, and I would have loved to have seen in an alternate universe how things would have played out had Buddy Holly not died in the air plane crash with the other stars on that fateful day.  Buddy Holly had a much greater success ratio starting off than Elvis did and I have heard good debates concerning if he hadn't of died he may have become the King of Rock -n- Roll and not Elvis.  I love both of their music and most of the other performers of that era, so it wouldn't have bothered me anyway. 

It killed me that one of the Crickets died in Sugar Creek, MO just outside of Independence, MO, where I live a few years ago and hardly anybody knew who he was or payed it any never mind.  I will always remember.  Just like I can't listen to a Sam Cooke Song with out thinking of Buddy Holly playing as his opening band on tour.  The only way Buddy could stay at the same places Mr. Cooke did was Sam would say Buddy and the Crickets were his entourage. 


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