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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dean and Jerry

On this day in 1946 at the Club 500, in Atlantic City, NJ, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis made their debut as a comedy team!
As a child, I remembered watching the old black and white movies of the Keystone Cops, Buster Keaton, and Charlie Chaplin.  My favorites were always the comedy teams.  First of course always goes to Laurel and Hardy, second was Abbott and Costello, but hands down the funniest to me was Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.  Each were great in their own right.  What amazed me most was Dean Martin was a terrific singer and still one of my favorites to listen today.  Jerry Lewis was as smart as he was funny, and he was a riot!  When you put those two together magic happened!  I don't think anybody could really explain it, but everybody could see it, feel it, and it was funny!
Most people don't realize that Dean was very funny in his own right as well as being the best straight man ever.  As good as Dean was as a straight man, Jerry could routinely crack him up!
My wife knowing what a big fan of theirs that I am, bought me a set of DVD's which contains most of their Colgate Comedy Hour Television shows.  In one of the episodes, Jerry almost accidently almost steps on Dean's shoes.  Dean breaks character and warns Jerry to watch the shoes because they are suede and they're new!  Jerry makes it point to try and step on Dean's shoes through the rest of the skit.  Dean starts getting upset as he tries to avoid Jerry dancing around and taking shots at stepping on Dean's new shoes.  It is still hilarious to watch those old shows.
My Thank You and Farewell, to comedies greatest duet, Martin & Lewis!!!


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