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Friday, July 8, 2011


If you have a Blog, you get a special screen which is referred to as a dashboard.  On mine there are six tabs.
Posting, Comments, Settings, Design, Monetize, and Stats.

I Love the Stats!  It shows how many people have visited my blog, what type of system they were using to view it, what platform they were directed from, and from what county they were from who viewed my blog.  Under Stats is a tab that says Audience.  Obviously the top of the list is always the United States with the most hits, but in the last week the Ukraine has been number two!

It just boggles my mind trying to figure out what I am writing about that is catching the attention of people from the country of the Ukraine?  So if you are reading this post and you are from the Ukraine, please leave a comment telling me what posts were of interest, that you liked, didn't like, want to see more posts about which topics, etc.  It will help quench my curiosity!

If you are from a country besides the United States, please leave a comment as to likes and dislikes, good or bad.  I would love to hear from the people who are viewing my posts.  If you are from the United States, Please feel free to leave a comment also, I don't mean to exclude you.  The United States is my Primary Audience and probably always will be.  I just get curious about the people from other countries who visit my Blog and read my posts.  My plan is to use this Blog as a four fold platform.

1.  To share my insights, discoveries, and trials as I make my way through the world of publishing as I become a world famous best selling author!  As I am slow, sometimes dim witted, and not too bright - just ask my editor, she can verify any of this, this part will be a slow and lengthy process.

2.  To promote my books, my writing, blow my own horn, toot my whistle and all that jazz.  Only published one book so far, next one will hopefully be out September 11th.  Again, going to be a slow process.

3.  To promote other authors, who I enjoy reading their stuff.  James Rollins, Jo Murphey, James Patterson, Ken Follett and Jack Higgins.  I could go on for days.

4.  History tidbits, Rants, Raves, and any other crap I feel like expounding on at the moment - pretty much filler, non-sense, and my opinions, which frankly don't matter any more than the history stuff which has already happened, old news, but I enjoy it!  Writing these parts is just stretching my mind, giving me a break from the tedious and monotonous mountain of editing.  It's a lot because my English skills suck.  Not the best place to start from when you desire to make a living from writing!  Thank God I have a real job!

I don't put ad's on here, or other stuff to clutter things up.  I hope to gain a large following of people who will read or not read what I write - but that when they do read my posts, that they might learn something, share a feeling, make a connection, and have a brief human moment in this crazy fast paced world.  I hope it's entertaining, and heart felt, and that my readers realize how real and honest I write about things here.  Maybe if they enjoy pieces of this they may read my books someday.  If not I hope they read the authors I mention, even if it's Nicholas Sparks.  Just don't expect me to run out and buy any of his books. 

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed any part of your experience during your visit here.
Ask questions! 
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