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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank You Dreamers Perch

Thank You Cindy Borgne, and your Blog "Dreamers Perch" for the Posting this weekend of the interview of me and the excerpt of my book. 

By the way I love the Title of of Blog!!!

For any of you that missed it, Cindy's Blog did an interview of me, and included a Excerpt from Whisper my first Novel.  It is part of Smashwords Summer / Winter Promotion and being offered for FREE at Smashwords ONLY for the Month of JULY.

If you haven't read it and want to now is the time and Smashwords is the place with the right price!!
FREE FREE FREE  - It doesn't get any cheaper than that. 

The Fourth is over and everybody in my family still has all their fingers so it was a Good Celebration.
Happy Birthday America!! 

I have a question for any body who is in Great Britain and may read my Post,
How does Great Britain view America celebrating it's Independence? 
Do they for the most part "Yeah Good for them!"
   "They wouldn't be a country if it wasn't for us in the first place!"
       "The unruly colonist's who revolted!"
           "Our former colony, now wonderful allies!"
 Just curious???


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