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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meth Claritin D and the cotton stuff

Yesterday I posted numerous posts and felt great, and today a natural event bought me to my knees.  For those who don't know about the trees, I believe they are called 'cotton woods', but what ever they are, from time to time they secrete little white fluffy things into the air.

If you have noticed my profile pictures, I am bald.  The doctors call it alopecia areata, but I know it got worse when my allergies changed as reached adult hood.  I am convinced they are related.  I have a goatee beard, hair on my chest and other areas, but my head is smooth as ever and I never have to shave it.  Allergies!  I know rag weed could potentially kill me just being near it.  The fluffy cotton stuff in the air from these trees is debilitating to me.  I get a sinus headache like what I imagine a migraine is like.

So today I didn't get much of anything accomplished and am just now at 9:45PM with taking a Claritin D, and sitting in air conditioning for the last few hours am I beginning to feel normal and good again.

I wanted to say thank you to the many Meth creators and dealers for making such a miracle drug like Claritin D is for people like me with allergies such a task to purchase.  I take one a day, except for days like today where I was out and had to have my wife drive me to the pharmacy to get some after I got off work.  They have to scan my drivers license, sign a computer thing, and now there is a new step in order to track the sale and distribution of this drug. 

Wouldn't it be easier to investigate the people like me that are habitual purchasers of this drug and rule us out as Meth creators and then those that are left are the ones you should be focusing on.  Those of us who are legally taking this drug for what it is designed for have nothing to hide.  Just a thought. 


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