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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life Interupts Passion

This is strictly an apology for not posting, and happily complaining that I have enough things in my life that my life is fully invading my passion of writing, editing, and getting my second novel ready to publish.

Possible posts I didn't get to but may someday.

Mrs. Fords next door neighbor was Leonard Firestone!  Of the Firestone Tires Firestone's!

Revolts Yesterday's Date during Abraham Lincolns Administration.  People forget things could be worse, when he raised the amount of people who needed to be drafted and rich families could buy a replacement for $300.00 there were public revolts!

How I got stupid and rode an electric Bull last Saturday!  OK, how I sat on an electric bull spin once and was thrown through the air.  The stupid part was getting back on repeatedly!

My Boss got to go to the American League Baseball thing in Arizona from Sunday to today.  When he is gone I have to run the place, a bit more involved than my regular job of Operations Manager.  That coupled with one of the side responsibilities I have is to make sure the tire warehouse gets counted throughout the year.  When we have days of light in coming freight we count more, more work for me.  We have had two days of no Freight so I have been non-stop running, working like I was doing three jobs.  I am not complaining, I would rather be busy with a job than unemployed any day.

Good News is my wife and the boys may be going to the lake this weekend with her family, and besides working Saturday Morning, the rest of the time I can write, edit, and hopefully finish the re-write of the book and get into the final stages of editing with my editor.  God willing I might enter next week with only a small bit of editing to be done, cover art, and book trailer to finish in order to be ready to publish my second novel.  It feels so good just to be this close.

The thought of having it all done and just waiting to publish is exciting.  To start earnestly writing again, new material - rough draft stuff ( The Fun Part ) of writing.  The truly creative part of writing.  Oh, to start my third book by the beginning of this next month would be unbelievable!  I have grown and learned so much since writing these first two novels.  It truly is a passion.  Say a prayer, cross your fingers, and better posts with real substance will be coming soon.  Maybe a story about a Bull and an idiot!!


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