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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dreams, the Future, and Writing

I realized today that I am living my dream now.  I finally figured out what my true passion is, which is writing.  I have published a book and it is still stunning me with people saying they couldn't put it down.  How they normally don't read books like that, of that genre, but they really enjoyed it and would definitely buy and read the sequel.  I am in the closing stages on my second novel.  It is already so far above my first book.  I have grown so much as a writer and learned so much in just the last year.  I can't imagine where I will be and what I will know in five years.

I am making a decent living in my current career and raising my family in hard and challenging times.  I don't know where the future is going to take me but if sales continue with my first book and the word keeps spreading at the rate it already is naturally with no promotion or advertising.  It is doing awesome for an unknown aspiring writer.  Nobody knows where their future is going!  I can see good things happening with what will always be my first and worst book.  If those who read Whisper and liked it also try my next book, No Rules Of Engagement and the word keeps spreading, things will continue to grow and in a good way.

The next two books I write will be sequels, SAC which will be the sequel to Whisper and recount Wiley Randolph's training and his tragic first mission.  Then will be the sequel to No Rules Of Engagement which will carry on the saga of Alexander Hawk, Intel and the crew.  Those who love the first two will be very surprised with the sequels.  That coupled with the fact that I am improving, week in and week out, as a writer.  From the constant lessons from my friend and Editor, articles, books, and the best instructor of all - Writing!

If I become successful as a writer or not, I absolutely love to do it.  I have found a calm, and inner peace over the last year as I have finished my first book, published it, finished my second book and have been spending seven to eight months rewriting and polishing it for publication.  Learning the importance and getting comfortable with editing, an rewriting.

Finding your passion has such a profound change in your life.  I am calmer, more at peace, more naturally motivated to do things, to push my self harder and in more areas than I have ever done before in my previous forty-four years.  I honestly feel like there are not enough hours in a day to do what I want to get done.  I have a list of things each day I want to accomplish and some days I even get close to getting them all done.  What I don't get done I roll over to the next and to the next.  My alarm clock goes off in the morning and I can't wait to get up, get ready and get to work.  Truly the difference between a job and a career is is your passion, motivation, and reason for doing what you do.

As I said I realized I am living my dream now.  Because success is the journey, not a destination.  I am on the right path, with direction and passion.  So nothing is going to stop me and where I end up will be fate, because nobody knows where they are going to end up and what life has in store for them.  I am blessed to have found my calling, my gift, my passion.  I love what I am doing!  From an optimistic point of view I have no where to go but up from where I am at with writing and just starting out.  I am enjoying being in the trenches and paying my dues, building a following of fans one book and one story at a time.  As long as I keep writing and turning out books, in time all my dreams will come true.  


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