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Monday, July 11, 2011

Air Superiority

If you are involved in an armed conflict anytime since the late nineteen thirties, air superiority has been a major concern.  He who controls the air definitely has a major advantage.
I was born in 1966, and the Apollo program was well on its way before I was old enough to really understand what our country was doing in regards to the Space Race.  By the time I was in grade school I knew who Chuck Yeager, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin were.  I had a picture on my bed room wall of the crew of Apollo 11 and dreamed of being a fighter pilot until I got glasses in fifth grade.  I know Chuck Yeager was not part of Apollo eleven, but anybody whose father was in the United States Air Force in the nineteen-sixties knew who Chuck Yeager was.  The man was a freaking legend!
As we pass a low point in American History where the Space Shuttle is to be retired and there is no brand new wonderful craft to capture the imagination of the youth of this great country.  As we effectively turn off the extension of what was started with Gemini, Apollo, and the Space shuttles.  As we wonder if there will be a NASA in our near future.  What will the poor kids going to space camp have to look forward to?  Catching a ride on a Russian space craft?  President Kennedy I am sure is turning over in his grave!!
In the Reagan administration our government came up with the Star Wars Program.  Do you think the Russians are going to maintain that expensive system, which was probably one of the turning points in ending the cold war and the allowing the Berlin wall to come down?  The future of Gene Rodenberry's future of The Federation and fleets of Star Ships exploring the Universe is also being retired.  We are closing a chapter of American leadership, some of our finest hours of existence as Humans, not just Americans, by the kick in the teeth to this fine institution.
We are giving up our air superiority of space!  To what end?  To what future?  I am waiting for the secret police to start showing up in neighborhoods to separate of society into slave, to be killed, or worse, while they disarm our nation by force.  George Orwell's 1984 meets the modern Nazi Party in socialistic dominance of the planet, because dreams don't need to be supported in that kind of culture.  We don't need a space program for what they are planning for our future.  You can be anything you want when you grow up, as long as it isn't an astronaut or FREE.
Enjoy this post because free speech, blogging, posts, the texting will all be shut down in short order.  They are as dangerous as college professors, reading and dreaming.  As dangerous as a group of people who desire to be free.  Radical thoughts like these can't be tolerated in the future we are marching towards.  So polish your boots or start liking seeing a world through barbed wire, because the only other choice will be a mass grave.
It is a sad day for our fellow Americans.


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