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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Second Quarter Results

Smashwords distributes its authors books, that make it into their Premium Catalog, to numerous very large outside vendors.  My First Novel, "Whisper", made it into the Catalog and was distributed three days before the end of the first Quarter!  So obviously I had no sales reported through those networks as it may take a couple of days from the time they get them until they show up on their site.

My Book has been out there for the entire second quarter and the results, according to smashwords, are to be posted tomorrow, July 31.  I am excited to see if there are any sales.  I will be happy with one from any of the retailers!

I know from Amazon and Smashwords that 244 copies of my book are out there in the virtual library of other people.  Tomorrow I find out how many more copies are floating around and if people were interested enough to actually purchase it. 

I brag a lot about James Rollins through various posts.  His latest book cost me $12.99 as an e-book.  Before I would have complained but as an E-book author I am glad to see prices going up on e-books, that translates to more money for authors and hopefully more money for my work someday when I hit that level of greatness, and loyal following of readers.


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