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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Writing Coach & Editing

I wish I was posting something fabulous that would shake the world, saying, "Hey wake up, Pay attention!  This is important!"

Not so much.  I am busy learning the craft of my new passion, which is writing.  Funny, I say new passion. I have been playing around with it for years.  I just only got serious about it last year when I wrote two books. 

Only got Serious about it, not exactly, but that's what I thought.

Upon editing my second book and meeting whom I call my literary angel, I am getting more serious about writing.  I truly understand the importance of having your work edited.  I truly believe every author should have somebody read their stuff and critique it before they publish, because by being the author it blinds you certain aspects of your writing.

It is amazing how you can read something 15 - 25 times and it seems so fine, maybe even good.  With the right comment or question all of a sudden right in front of your eyes it metamorphsis's into something entirely different.  I was looking at my work yesteday, a particular piece of it, and I watched it go from fine to Blah!  Blah! OH BLAH right in fron tof my eyes!!  It was amazing.  I knew my new writing coach was right!  I felt some misgivings about the initial writing, but thought it was fine.  I was being lazy, and untruthful with myself.

Never be Lazy!  Readers are unforgiving, ruthless, they want great writing. 

I am doing a Latin Writing Dance!  One step forward, two steps back, but I am learning an immense amount of really good stuff! 

If your a really Great Writer, why are you here reading this?  If your not and honest enough to admit it, get a writing coach, literary angel, what ever you want to call it and learn.  You have to be honest with yourself first, and who ever is helping you must be honest or it won't work.  If your not honest about it, your writing will still look fine, you may feel insulted, and in that attitude you will remain, unfortunately so will your writing.

I used to teach people to draw.  When ever you put your crayons down and stopped drawing is where you will be when you pick them up and try again.  You don't naturally get better at it because you are older and have managed to learn to write legibly.  I imagine writing is not much different because of the creative aspect of it.  Anyways I am pre occupied for a while being schooled!  I relish it, need it, want it, and will deal with my impatience day to day. 

I am too opininated and like to throw my two cents into the ring, so I will be back to more creative posts before long.  As with things about writing, this is one of my steps I am happy to take, so I thought I would mention it, rather than not post anything.

One final note - this is the first time I have written a post or ANYTHING and when I hit the spell checker button, NOTHING!  I didn't miss spell a damn thing!  @(*%^**#  Sorry had to get up, I just fell out of my chair!    Have a GREAT DAY!!


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