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Monday, March 28, 2011

American's Live at Madison Avenue.

It dawned on me while listening to the recorded message of a trucking company while waiting on hold for them to find out where my load of tires might be that missed their delivery appointment 45 minutes ago, that American's live in a world of advertising.  We exist and live at Madison Avenue, the home of Advertising.  I can't speak for other countries. 

You never hear the truth about companies?  You see their advertising on television, bill boards, on the sides of trucks.  You hear their advertising, either on the radio, or their phone message.  When have you ever heard a truthful ad, or seen one on television. 

I deal with trucking companies all day long, 365 days of the year, as the company I work for receives freight from literally every corner of the globe.  Every trucking company's ad is telling you how they are the leaders in logistics and transportation of the country or the world. 

I know one company that the closest they can get to a delivery appointment time is maybe the right day of the week.  Another one habitually takes two appointments to get any freight to you.  They have never made a scheduled first appointment. 

There is another freight company that charges the company I work for 38.00 every time they call to make a delivery appointment.  I called them and explained if I got 38.00 every time I spoke to one of my customers I would have retired years ago.  We don't pay it!  A lady explained to me over the phone, that everybody is doing that these days.  No they're not!  She went on to explain that if I told the shipper that I require a phone call for a delivery appointment and they mark it so on the Bill of Lading that they would charge them and not me.  I explained if I call the shipper it would be to advise them to find another shipping company that can actually make a living by delivery freight and do not have to subsidize their inefficiency by charging to call and make appointments.  She replied that I didn't need to be hateful.  I said I am not being hateful.  I explained neither the shipper nor my company is going to pay the charge, and I will advise them to not use your company or we will refuse the shipment.  She hung up on me.  Now really, who was being hateful.  Needless to say none of our suppliers use that company any longer. 

You never hear a phone message at a company say,
"We suck!  We are trying harder not to suck as BAD as we have in the past." 
"We need to charge a fuel surcharge because the rest of the world is charging it for stuff."
"We need to raise our rates to pay the litigation our company has lost in the last year, it surprising we're not bankrupt yet."
"The increased amount of coronary incidents in our establishments is actually because we are serving botulism disguised as Chicken Parmesan."
"Yes our product kills people, but your grandparents, and parents bought it for years and still managed to have and raise you."
"We are making awesome profits, we have to now because we will not be allowed to pollute the world and kill people this way forever, sooner or later people are going to figure it out.  Plus, who do you think pays for election advertising campaigns.  We do, otherwise we would be closed already."
 I may have gone too far.  My original point was going to be:
No wonder so many Americans have such a distorted idea of the truth and reality when the world we see, hear and experience day in and day out is so completely distorted.  We wonder why people can't agree on things, because we don't all inhabit the same plane of distortion.  Some of what all of us believe is wrong.  Some of what all of us have heard or read is not the truth. 

It starts with grade school in history classes and worse as you get older.  Think about when you were younger and the things you believed to be truths.  The thoughts and dreams about the world you live in.  If your under 25 and reading this you may not entirely understand what I am driving at for another fifteen or twenty years, and there is a good chance many who read this will never get it.  So if your reading this and your saying, "What in the hell is he talking about?", just never mind. 

For me it is a constant source of amusement listening to the miss information, miss speaking (as it is called by politicians now a days), and miss direction of the media. 

In a utopia all advertising would have to, by law, be written and paid for by your consumers.  All advertising would have to be backed up by citing sources, and facts, like a college paper.  Anything that could not be verified would not be allowed to be distributed as information.  If new facts or discoveries become available, even in the text books concerning history, it would have to be rewritten to accurately describe the truth no matter who it implicates or how it makes your country or culture look.  WHOOO  That would shake things up a touch.  It was just a thought. 

Have a Great Day!  Thanks for sharing my world if even for a moment. 

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