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Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a small world and get smaller everyday.

In my parents day if you heard something on the news that was somewhere else on the globe, chance were it would never directly effect you, and you didn't know anybody actually involved in the situation. 

Today, with the earthquake in Japan last week, I know a kid my younger brother went to school with in High School, who was a foreign exchange student from Japan.  He is alright, my brother checked in with him.  But I asked about him because I remembered him.  My daughter is attending William Jewell College, in Liberty, MO and in her second year of taking Japanese as a language and consequently through taking the class knows several people from Japan already.  She has heard from a couple of them, and a couple the word is still out, we're waiting to hear if they are alright. 

My friend Phillip Woody, who I have mentioned quite a bit throughout my various postings, got to watch a video from a friend of his, sent by a friend of theirs who is in Japan.  She, (the lady in Japan), held her lap top up while using Skype and showed the devastation outside her own window as things where actually happening there in Japan.  She told them that their daily food ration where she is at, is one carrot a day for right now.  Can you imagine?

It just makes it so much more real and devastating when you know people who are there and living through the experiences, that the rest of us are just getting tidbits of on the world news broadcasts.  My heart goes out to the people of Japan and the many challenges they are facing and will face in the near future, in the efforts of cleaning up and repairing their lives and country in the months to come.  They are in my prayers.

The world has reached a point where even the little things effect others around the globe.  We can choose to ignore it or think it doesn't matter to us, but we would be lying to ourselves.  Mankind needs to pull together in an organized fashion, above and outside of borders, languages, religions, and political beliefs and start working for the betterment of all mankind, everywhere.  We truly are our brothers keeper, and our brother is ours.  We need to respect mother nature and planet earth, because she can shake us off her back like a dog scratching flees.  Don't believe me, ask our brothers and sisters in Japan if she can.


WilliamPeeps said...

Like your thinking and your comments. There is no longer any such person as an 'innocent' bystander? thoughts?

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