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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's not there? Another Secret of Life.

On March 15, I shared in a post about one of secrets of Life.
Today I will share another nugget of wisdom, I didn't invent it, I didn't discover it.  I believe the origin to be from the Orient, or Eastern Philosophy.  But even of this I am not sure.  I am only passing it on.

The most important things in life are those that are not there.
The part of a glass we use, is the empty space inside.
The part of a bowl you use is the empty space inside it.
The part of your home you use is the empty space inside.
    The more empty space generally the more valuable it is, concerning houses.
The part of a tire that holds the wieght and does all the work, is the empty space inside the tire where the air or nitrogen would go.
The really important things are not things you can grab or touch. 
It is the feelings you have for your kids, or that they have of you.
    The feelings you have for your parents, or that they have of you.
         The feelings we have for others in our lives.
         The feelings we have for our spouses or significant others,
           or how they feel about us.
The sunrise or sunset.
The warm feeling you get from other people, or the sun on your face on a really cool day.
The feeling of being ok, alright, right now being able to read this from where ever you are at this moment.

Your dreams and plans, which in reality will always be more important than anything you have all ready attained, own or possess.

Start looking for and appreciating everything in life that is not there or you can not touch or grab.
Be thankful for the absence, and the being without as many things as you can, instead of for all the things you have or want.  Consider the things you maybe don't want, could be without, could do without.

During this time of reflection remember our brothers and sisters in the country of Japan, a great many people who are doing without a great deal, of many things.  I am constantly amazed by the Japanese people and their resolve and determination.  I saw a picture on line where the main road from Toyko to the damaged region of the country looked like it had been literally pulled apart and shredded.  Some how they managed with in hours to repair this entire section of road to brand new condition.  How could they do this so fast and so well?  Because they had to, in order to get relief and help to where it would be needed. 

I was totally amazed!!!!


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