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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nicholas Sparks Interview in WD

It has been a while since my post, I Hate Nicholas Sparks, and I finally got around to reading the interview of him in the February issue of Writer's Digest Magazine.  He comments on his latest book 'Safe Haven', which by the way, my book club coerced me into reading for our January selection and discussion.  I failed to mention in my ranting about the incredibly talented Mr. Sparks that I did thoroughly enjoy 'Safe Haven'.  Those of you who have read my earlier post about why I hate Nicholas Sparks and have read his great and awesome newest release will understand why I like that one also.  Which is funny because even Mr. Sparks said in his interview how he endeavors to write the book that crosses different genres and that everybody will enjoy, and he got me with 'Safe Haven'.  That puts his count at two, of his books I really enjoyed and would gladly recommend. 

1. True Believer - Hint: Do not read the sequel!!!
2. Safe Haven

If you need a good cry, read any of his other selections and have the Kleenex's close by.
I never need a good cry!  But I felt it would be overly harsh too such a talented and well respected author as Mr. Sparks, if I didn't rectify the omission of having read and enjoyed 'Safe Haven'. It was exciting, scary and a great love story.  It has a unique twist which had the book club discussing quite a bit.  I can't say any more because I would hate to give anything away to those who would and should run out and buy the book. 

I do pray, I get to the level of writing skill which Mr. Sparks has risen to, in my life time.  He is an incredibly talented author.  It is a testament to his greatness that he gets me so involved with his characters and their lives, troubles and love.  If he wasn't truly a great author I wouldn't care that much and get so upset when he kills them willy-nilly and crushes our hearts in the process.  That's enough of that before I actually cry and somebody accuses me of actually having feelings.

Thank You for taking time out of your busy day and sharing a piece of my world.


Brasil said...

You can see a development in complexity of Spark's plot lines from previous books to this one. I enjoyed the twists and was kept guessing who was going to die,cause you know, someone always dies in a Sparks book. Loved it, one of his best. I picture Sandra Bullock as the female lead ;)

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