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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Whisper, my first Novel, an E-book, which I published this January on Smashwords, and later on Amazon,


I couldn't give it away for people to read and give me feed back on while still in the editing phase of writing.
Today it hit hit 100 Downloads on Smashwords.  I know it is a small milestone but for me it is a milestone.  In the times in between books when doubt and dread seep into your subconscious, and they will.  You celebrate every little victory and keep right on trudging along editing the next book to be published, and writing the next book to be edited.  Now honestly it's 100 downloads, mostly because it has been free on Smashwords all week for the Read an E-Book Week Promotion.  I started the week at 40 something downloads.  I have actually only sold 2 books on Smashwords for money, and 3 on Amazon.

The other night I went to the movies with my daughter, and my phone buzzes every time I get an E-mail.  I have Smashwords E-mail every time someone downloads a copy of my book, and all the way through the movie, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.  I can't wait until I am working some evening writing and my phone just runs it's little battery into the dirt from buzzing and each time it will actually be a paying customer and future fan of my stories at the other end of that making my phone buzz!


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