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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Smashwords Premium Ditribution Catalog


Why is that a big deal, becuase NOW my book will be included in the E-book catalogs of
Barnes & Noble
Already on Amazon, but also soon to the list will be Amazon

Potential market of people who can stunmble across my book while looking for their next great escape in literature will soon be measured in the MILLIONS!  This is about the same as when a traditional book would be shipped to chain book stores the world over!  It will be on tons (virtually not literally) of book shelves very shortly.  I have it out to be reviewed by several book sites, who will be helping spread the word when they do the review of my book.  As I have said all along, it is a process and what has up until 4:00PM Central Time in Kansas City, Missouri has been a very normal day, has turned exciting.  I just made a huge step forward with my first novel.  Thank You Mr. Coker and Smashwords!!!


Julie Flanders said...

Hi Thomas! I came upon your blog through Twitter and Linkedin, and have enjoyed reading it. I'm new to writing and interested in learning about self-publishing, so it's great to read about your experiences. Congratulations on having your novel accepted!!

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