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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Increased Gang Activity In Kansas City Area

I keep hearing about Increased gang activity in the Kansas City, MO area.  I have a few thoughts about this, that I feel compelled to share with the world.

1.  Missouri has a neat little law, that provided you take the right classes and get registered you have the right to conceal and carry.  For those of you who don't know what that means.  You have no idea who is secretly carrying a loaded pistol, in public, in this state. 

     Now originally I grew up in the back woods of the Panhandle, of the State, of Idaho.  Yeah, it's a State!  The panhandle is the skinny part between Montana, and Washington State.  It is mostly Rocky Mountains and forests.  We had to haul water in a 500 gallon tank on a 1950's pick up truck from a natural spring, (where water comes out of a rock), and drive it back to our little farm tucked away in the woods.

As a child we had hunter safety courses in Grade School, every year.  Everybody in the county had to haul water once or twice a week to their place until we all put in together and dug a well and put in our own water pipes, over acres, and in 1979 we got to stop hauling water year around.  Back in the days we hauled water, beside the area where the trucks would park and wait for their turn at the spring, there was a rifle range set up.  Everybody would practice shooting, and teach their children to shoot.  I grew up with a loaded rifle leaning against the door jam of the front door.  Most house's were that way.  We had mountain lions, bears, wolves, and other nasties running around.  Gun control where I grew up meant being able to hit your target even if it was moving. 

My best friend, and greatest fan, Phillip Woody grew up here in Missouri and is every bit as good a shot as I am.  (I am going to make Phillip famous if I keep telling stories about him.)  We went hunting at his place in Northern Missouri a few years ago, and while cooking dinner on the back porch of his place, cooking steaks, we got tired of shooting the coke cans and paper plates we had set up.  So beyond our targets was a whole bunch of flowers with a bunch of butterflies flying around the flowers.  So with single shot 22 caliber rifles we start shooting butterflies, shooting from the hip, and hitting them.  There is silly version of this story in my next novel to come out, where this idiot gets accepted into the Special Forces because he wins a bet about being able to shoot a butterfly with a M60 machine gun.  I forgot I put it in there until Phillip called me and asked, "OK, which one of us is the idiot?"  He reads all my rough drafts before anybody else.  He came up with the title for that book, "No Rules of Engagement", it will hopefully be out this summer on Smashwords.  I get distracted. 

2. So a lot of people are packing heat in Missouri.  There are a lot of them that are good shots.  I once met a couple and as we talked, they asked where I was from and I said Kansas City.  They thought from old western movies they had seen we still rode horses in the street and had hitching posts in front of buildings.  Well let me clear a few things up.  Kansas City, MO is a normal big city with all the good and the bad.  No we don't have hitching posts in front of places.  Are we a cow town, Hell yes.  We don't have the same atmosphere cities in the east have, and aren't nearly as liberal and laid back as some of the cities on the west coast.  Kansas City, MO is in Missouri!  There is a Kansas City, Kansas, but it isn't even pimple on the ass of Kansas City, MO.  If anything Johnson County, Kansas, the next county over from where Kansas City, Kansas is located has several very well to do communities and I have heard it is one of the richest counties in the entire country.

3.  If gangs are importing gang members in from other major cities to the Kansas City area, it is only a matter of time before they mess with the wrong redneck in this area.  People don't carry guns because they are comfortable to where around.  They carry them for protection and because they are not going to take any shit from anybody.  I can't wait until I hear about some gang banger car jacking the wrong little old lady and getting ventilated in the process.  Not that a story like that would make the news, but if what the news people are talking about around here is right, it will only be matter of time.  Missourians know.  Most everybody is very polite because if you get stupid to the wrong person they may pop a cap in your ass. 

4.  I don't pack heat.  I have the wrong attitude to carry a gun,because would just end up shooting some idiot during rush hour traffic who shouldn't have a license to begin with.  Plus I love Sam Elliott's line from the movie, "We we're soldiers", when Mel Gibson asks him if he wants an M16 instead of his 45's.  He says if the time comes he needs one there will be plenty of them laying around.  If we ever have total chaos and rioting in the streets and I need a weapon, there will be plenty of them laying around. 

Happy St. Patty's Day to my Irish Cousins.  No I didn't wear green, because I Scottish, the only one to pinch me today got kicked in the shins.  He knew better, he is a good friend.


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