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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan update

Just heard form our friends at TOYO Tire.  For those that are new here, my day job I move tires for a living.  LOTS AND LOTS of tires. 
Our friends at TOYO Tire have said that all industry is shut down in Japan right now, the the TOYO Tire plant is intact and not damaged and has no water damage from the flooding.  They will keep us posted as to when things might be up and running again. 

The entire nation of Japan and it's people are in my prayers, and I am very worried about the continued reports that our coming out about the power plant problems in the country.  I posted a bit ago on Twitter, that the only thing these poor people have not had to contend with is Godzilla showing up in the last week.

I do not intend to be mean or insensitive, but I am Scottish, and a Sci-fi Writer.  I grew up with Monty Pythons sense of humor.  Look on the bright side of life!  Those of you old enough to remember Monty Python and the troop, know what I am talking about.  I couldn't help myself! 


D. Kristen said...

Don't feel bad. I have seen tweets that said, Godzilla comes next. I do think most of us are shell-shocked by the continuous onslaught of tragic news and so deeply saddened for the Japanese people as well as all other victims of tragedy and disaster. Humor helps us through everything in life, doesn't it? It's always helped me!

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