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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Internet, Blog, and Ideas.

"The Pen is mightier than the sword." was used by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in his play "Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy" in 1839.  What makes me think of this is by looking at the STATS category on my blog dash board and with whats been happening in the world in the first two months of this year.

I made my first post to this blog on January 17, 2011, of this year.  Granted, this is by no means the Blog of Blogs, with stunning graphics, witty writing, or life changing ideas.  I am truly amazed that in the short time I have been posting to this blog there have been 265 views of this humble rambling little blog;

228 from the United States of America      8 from the United Kingdom
8     from Singapore                                  3 from Russia
2     from Australia                                    2 from Iran
2     from Mexico                                      2 from Philippines
1     from United Arab Emirates                1 from China

As a writer if I had revolutionary, visionary, or other controversial views that I was eloquently spreading across the world in order to build a following, to bring people together, to change the world this could be a powerful medium.  Thankfully, I just want to occasionally rant, share my experiences in writing, self publishing, and mediocre lessons about life I have acquired through 44 years of being a true graduate of life's lessons of hard knocks.  I fear as governments of the world realize what a powerful and interactive means of communication this can be, we will wake up one day and there will be no Internet. 

For the first time since the Tower of Babel, in the Bible, when God confused the languages of the people, the world once again has a way of communicating across borders, cultures, countries, languages, in order to share ideas, pictures, thoughts, and hopefully work together to provide a better world for everybody.  Imagine if we all got organized on the Internet; Writers, Artists, Musicians, Editors, Comedians, and people of all walks of life to share, help, encourage, and solve the worlds problems outside the confines of classes, governments, religions, cultural beliefs.  OH MY GOD!  Just think of the ramifications. 

In truth I am not that much of an optimist.  Mankind has been fighting since Cain killed Able and I believe we will continue right up until Armageddon.  I truly believe a movement of divine proportions as eluded to above would not be possible until more people can read than those who cannot read.  Until helping your fellow man is more important to you than your personal narrow views of the world.  Until our humanity can catch up with our technology.  Until our love for our fellow man is greater than our fears of different people and their cultures.  As a science fiction writer I honestly believe only a common enemy (not of Earth) that mankind can unite against, to fight for our very survival, will be the only way to pull us all together, as the true brothers of the human race, we actually are. ( or Armageddon.)

Even as an American I find it mind splitting hard to swallow that people in our country can protest at other families funerals for their fallen family members who served in the service, because our own first amendment gives them that right.  Years ago when studying American History and one of our great patriots said, "I may not agree with what he is saying, but I will defend his right to say it to the death." I never dreamed it would be applied to such a disrespectful act as protesting at another families funeral.  That the soldiers who died for our freedoms and fight to keep democracy alive in the world we live in.  The same soldiers who provide this kind of freedom have also provided the freedom to have protesters at their funeral. 

There are many, thousands of wonderful acts of kindness preformed throughout the world daily that get no press, no posting on blogs, or honor of any sort.  I truly believe in Freedom and the rights we have in America.  I pray for the people who are dying for what they believe in throughout the world today.  That they do truly get freedom and not a disguised new kind of tyranny to replace what they had.  America is not perfect by any means, but we are a work in progress.  It only took since the dawn of time until 1776 to put it all together.  The whole social experiment is just over two hundred years old, and it is still to be seen if our politicians will run it into the ground or if they will listen to the people of this great country and do what is right, and help preserve our republic, state, and beautiful country.  If they don't, a little revolution is good every now again, my father used to say.  My father was born in Scotland, a country that for centuries had to hide their bag pipes and weapons and continually had to fight for their freedom.  At least for now in America we have the right to bare arms (own weapons) and the Internet!  I pray that the pen is mightier than he sword, and always will be.  

I know the cardinal rule is to avoid politics and religion and I have brought up both in this posting.  If I offended you, there is a button at the top of the page that says NEXT BLOG, that is your right.  My main point is there is a means of sharing, communicating, and helping each other in a fashion that has never existed before on this planet.  If we are sharp enough, and can ask for help, give help, educate, communicate, we may be more productive and intelligent as a whole than the few who are currently holding the puppet strings of imagined power.  Nice thought.  On a lighter side have you seen the you tube videos of the people in Walmart, it blows my idea of common intelligence all to hell.

Amen and Good night.


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